How to choose a bed for the kid

How to choose a bed for the kid

When in family the little person appears, together with great happiness and joy the turmoil and cares come to the house. All forces of parents leave on creation of comfortable conditions for the newborn, the to it it is more convenient, the in the dwelling there is more tranquility and joy. After the birth the baby spends the most part of time in a dream for this reason it is necessary to choose correctly a bed for the kid, having studied all characteristics of a product.


1. It is desirable that the crib was made of natural wood, the smooth and covered non-toxic varnish or paint. It is also possible to ask for the selling assistant to show the hygienic certificate on goods. Its existence demonstrates that the product corresponds to the presented quality.

2. In several months the grown-up kid will try to get up, strongly shaking a children's bed. The bed should not lose the initial solidity. Safety of the child depends on its stability.

3. It is necessary to check in advance that the bed had no acute angles and another, strongly acting elements. The shape of a design has to be streamline that the kid accidentally was not injured.

4. The product has to be surely executed as a rocking-chair (to have runners, or the pendular mechanism providing swing). This difference from usual beds the baby allows to rock to sleep with little effort.

5. It is better to refuse model with a continuous bottom and to stop on option with the rack bottom. The mattress closed from below it will be obligatory to rot as the small child more than once, and not two will wet it. In case the bottom is executed from laths (with small intervals among themselves), free ventilation of air thanks to which unpleasant smells and excess moisture do not collect is provided.

6. All side partitions of a bed, as a rule, are made of rods. It is very important that intervals between them met standards of safety (5-6 cm), and excluded slightest possibility that there the handle or the head of the little person can get stuck. If to follow this simple advice, it is possible to choose without effort a bed for the kid - safe and strong which regularly will serve for many years and to please the baby with the convenience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team