How to choose a bed to the child

How to choose a bed to the child

During pregnancy each mom is concerned by a question as it is correct to choose a bed for the kid. The choice of a crib - very important and crucial moment for parents because the full-fledged dream is necessary for development and growth of children. Therefore mothers and fathers need to approach a situation with all gravity and attentiveness. The bed has to give to the kid feeling of security and rest.


1. When choosing a crib pay attention to its safety. It has to be made of eco-friendly material (tree).

2. Height of legs has to be about 80 centimeters. The bed should not be too narrow as children turn in a dream. Therefore its diameter has to be not less than 60-65 cm. The bottom of a crib has to be equal and flat.

3. Two- and three-level beds are most convenient in application. The first level is intended for babies. The second - for children who are able to sit and the third - when the kid costs. It is possible to use only two-level beds. In them the child lies and when the bottom of a bed begins to sit falls, passing the average level.

4. When choosing a crib pay attention to its convenience both for the kid, and for you. At the same time consider that in it the kid will sleep up to 3 years. It is the best of all to use a bed on wheels, - it can be moved without effort during cleaning.

5. For convenience it is possible to buy the bed on wheels which is at the same time a rocking chair. For this purpose, that you could shake the child, it is necessary just to remove them. And that the kid did not hit the head against its walls, use a bumper (a facing for a bed) or the curtailed blanket. If you decided to apply the second, then wrap up a blanket of sheets and impose with it space around a mattress.

6. To important components of a children's berth the mattress is. It is possible to buy a bed complete with it or separately. But in both cases choose a mattress of their grass, hay, cotton wool or foam rubber.

7. If you are a supporter the hair dryer-shuy, then requirements to a bed will be absolutely others. It should not be on wheels as they symbolize instability. The child will grow in such bed nervous and uneasy. It has to have a continuous back. Semicircular and rectangular backs are favorable. And adverse - wavy, trellised, triangular, copper and from rods.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team