How to choose a blanket for the child

How to choose a blanket for the child

Considering that the newborn the most part of time sleeps, the right choice of the first bedding is very important for its comfort: blankets and small pillows and also qualitative linen. Now in shops such variety of a children's dowry is offered that it is very difficult to make a choice. At the same time it is necessary to consider all indicators – the state of health of the kid, season, a room microclimate and also a financial position of family.


1. Blankets are different in the size therefore it is necessary to define – whether this bed accessory will be used only during the infantile period, or it is better to take it for growth. In the latter case, having got a children's blanket of slightly bigger size, it will be possible to use its rather long period. In addition, the blanket should not be the only thing as it is necessary to consider also season: that is one has to be a lung, for example, flannelette, and the second - warm. Having the huge range of children's accessories before eyes, sometimes, it is difficult to make the choice.

2. The children's blanket from sintepon or holofiber easy and warm, is excellently erased in washing to the car, does not cause problems on care for it. The cover for it is traditionally sewed from cotton stuffed fabrics with bright drawings of amusing characters. However essential minus is the insufficient air permeability and also accumulation of an electrostatic charge.

3. The cotton product as in the basis has a usual layer of cotton wool which consists of cellulose, representing a natural product is very warm. Perfectly absorbs excess moisture, well keeps heat, has air permeability. However has the shortcomings, namely is a blanket rather heavy. The product problemno in leaving - is rather heavy for washing and long enough dries. Besides, cotton wool can absorb in itself smells, roll down, get off in lumps that as a result leads to loss of initial qualities.

4. The woolen blanket has natural fiber as filler. It excellently is suitable for such products, but only in case the child has no allergy to wool. Has exclusive qualities: absorbs excess moisture, perfectly heats, has good air permeability. Features of production interfere with dumping of wool in lumps. The cover is usually sewed from natural fabrics – cotton or silk. However the blanket is insufficiently convenient in leaving as it is impossible to erase it, and processing will require dry cleaning. Besides, wool can become a tidbit for a moth.

5. Good option for the child is the duvet having natural filler. Thanks to it the product has small weight, excellently absorbs moisture and also has such qualities as air permeability, high-quality heatsaving and absorption of excess moisture. The cover is sewed double: in an inside layer woolen filler is put, and then the product is decorated by natural fabrics. However swelled, sometimes even after processing, has remains of feather mites that can become the manifestation reason at the kid of an allergy.

6. Ideally on the qualities a silk product as as filler fiber of cocoons of a silkworm is used. This blanket meets all standards which treat air permeability, good absorption of moisture, lack of an electrostatic charge. In addition, it very warm, cannot serve as the reason of appearance of an allergy and does not cause problems with leaving. The cover for a blanket is sewed only from high-quality natural materials. The only minus can be considered its cost which in comparison with other options is much higher.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team