How to choose a children's blanket

How to choose a children's blanket

The range of the children's blankets presented in shops and in the markets is rather various. What it is necessary to pay attention when choosing this important thing for the child to?


1. Decide on "stuffing" of a children's blanket. Cotton filler well keeps heat, has rather high hygroscopicity. The second property of material can be referred both to pluses, and to minuses. A positive side of good hygroscopicity is the fact that the blanket ideally absorbs body moisture. The shortcoming is that together with moisture also smells are absorbed. And, they for a long time remain. Besides, the cotton blanket is rather heavy for a children's organism and it cannot be erased that does not answer hygiene standards.

2. Pay attention to duvets for children. They create normal balance of temperature and humidity of a bed of the child. In the summer under such blanket not hot, in the winter not cold. Very easy and warm duvet promotes a comfortable dream. But also there are minuses: down is the fine environment for reproduction of a dust tick and microbes various.

3. Give preference to a woolen children's blanket if you appreciate natural materials. It keeps in itself many useful properties of wool. Children's blankets are made of hair of camels, a merino, a lama. Incredibly light and soft wool much better than other materials absorbs moisture and also most worse gives heat.

4. Choose a synthetic blanket for the kid if as the main criteria for purchase serve the low price and easy washing. Sintepon not bad keeps a form and has hypoallergenic properties. Minuses of such filler is that it badly absorbs moisture, carries not really well out warmly and over time gets off in lumps.

5. Make a choice for a children's blanket from polyester fiber if you choose a blanket for the summer period. Such blankets not really warm, but are easily erased, "breathe", do not cause allergies and quickly get into condition after compression.

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