How to choose a desk lamp for the school student

How to choose a desk lamp for the school student

Parents should pay attention not only to the choice of school supplies, but also the organization of a desk behind which the school student will do homework. The quality of the performed tasks and sight of the child depends on the competent organization of a workplace.

At registration of a desk the lighting therefore it is very important to choose correctly for the child a desk lamp also is of great importance for the school student. If lighting is established in due form, the child will not overtire when performing tasks, and his eyes will not be tired. If the lighting fixture is chosen incorrectly, it can lead to appearance of headaches and deterioration in sight. When choosing it is also necessary to remember that not each desk lamp meets the conforming standards of hygiene.

Form and coloring of a plafond of a desk lamp

The form and coloring of a plafond play a huge role as this element of the lighting fixture scatters light in a certain direction and also can strengthen or muffle bulb brightness. Experts recommend to get for school students desk lamps with plafonds in the form of cones with wider edges and the narrow basis.

As for a plafond coloring, it should not be too bright as defiant color will constantly distract attention of the child from training process. It is better to choose the lighting fixture with a plafond of pastel tones which will not allow eyes to strain. Of course, desk lamps with absolutely transparent plastic or glass plafonds very beautifully look. However such lighting fixtures are suitable only for creation of a certain atmosphere indoors, and on a desk of the school student they are not recommended to be put. It is necessary to pay attention and to material of which this part of a desk lamp was made. Those lighting fixtures which have the metal plafonds having fine characteristics of fire safety are considered as the best. If the choice fell on lamps with plastic plafonds, then it is necessary to choose more solid and best quality thick material.

Design of a desk lamp

Fastening of the lighting fixture for a desk of the school student has to be rather rigid, and a leg - very flexible. Rigid fastening will allow to prevent sudden falling of a lamp, and by means of a flexible leg it will be possible to correct or redirect with ease in the necessary direction light stream. When choosing the place for a desk lamp it is necessary to consider with what hand the school student writes. For "right-handed person" it is better to install the lighting fixture on the left side, and for "lefthander" from right.

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