How to choose a desk lamp to the school student

How to choose a desk lamp to the school student

The C beginning of academic year close attention needs to be paid to the organization of a workplace of the school student, in particular, to lighting. A lot of things depend on a desk lamp: effectiveness of work, health of the child after its end, etc. At correctly picked up and established desk lamp it is possible to expect good results when performing lessons from the child. This results from the fact that eyes are not tired at right lighting, so the child does not overtire.


1. The plafond of a lampyform and color of a plafond have great practical value. More preferable than a lamp with a cone-shaped plafond. At such plafond the basis narrow, and edges – wide therefore there will be the maximum lighting. Color of a plafond has to be not really bright since the bright lamp will distract attention of the child from work. The best color for a plafond – green. Green shades do not distract attention and allow muscles of eyes to have a rest. Are good also quiet pastel tone. Also material of which the plafond is made is important. Plastic plafonds are good, but at poor quality of plastic they can begin to melt when the bulb long burns. At the same time there is a danger of ignition. It is necessary to choose lamps from solid, rather thick plastic. Often for production of plafonds of lamps metal is used. It is fireproof and strong. But has a shortcoming - it heats up therefore your child can burn when he wants to correct a lamp.

2. The support lampyosobenno well will approach the table lamp having a flexible leg with rigid fastening to a table. At the same time the lamp can have a flexible leg completely or rotate on hinges in three planes. Fixing of the lamp out of the working area allows to increase working space of a table considerably. At rigid fastening the falling of the lamp is excluded. Using a flexible leg of a lamp it is possible to light any part of a table, without rearranging the lamp. It is desirable that the plafond was not transparent. It will direct light stream to a table, but not to stick together the child's eye. That light from a bulb was a little scattered, the plafond has to have a reflector.

3. To use LampochkaLuchshe of all in a desk lamp for the child the simple bulb of incandescence having a white opaque covering. It allows to use the light dimmer (rheostat) which can regulate light source power in the lamp. What gives the chance to achieve the most correct and comfortable illumination of a table. With luminescent energy saving bulbs use of light dimmers is impossible.

4. The arrangement a lampyraspolozheniye of a desk lamp on a table depends on with what hand the child writes. That the shadow did not get on a workplace of the school student a lamp put on a table at the left when the child "right-handed person". And on the right, if child "lefthander".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team