How to choose a kangaroo for the child

How to choose a kangaroo for the child

Backpack kangaroo – one of popular types of carryings for kids who give to mom freedom of movement. At the same time the child feels safe, during walk he feels heat and protection of the adult. To get "kengurushka" pediatricians advise for children after half a year when on a backbone of the baby there is the minimum loading. However it is possible to choose a backpack and for the baby of younger age, having stopped on special model.


1. By search of a kangaroo, first of all, it is necessary to remember that the design of a bag carrying has to imitate the adult's hands. And it means that in a backpack the child has to feel protected. Today it is possible to buy a kangaroo for children since the birth, depending on age, the bag will assume position of the kid lying or sitting – a face or a back to mom.

2. For the smallest the kengurushka of universal type will become suitable option. In such backpacks it is necessary to carry kids lying because the backbone of "passenger" did not get stronger yet, it is not necessary to subject it to loadings. Universal kangaroos have to have an insurance from capsizing. It is convenient when backpacks "3 in 1" are equipped with a hood – it will also protect the child from possible falling.

3. For children 3 months the best choice will become more senior than a kangaroo with a soft head restraint. Kids at such age did not get stronger for long walks yet and if it is inconvenient to mom to carry the child in a sitting position, the baby will sleep in situation semi-sitting. That to the baby it was comfortable, kangaroos for such age provide additional support on each side and behind.

4. For kids of half a year it is possible to choose a backpack in which the child will be able to look in before. Carryings "a person from themselves" allow the baby to explore the world around. That landing was correct, kangaroos for children of 6 months provide wide sitting with soft rollers. In sitting of a leg of the baby should not flow or freeze, it is good if the backpack has additional fixers for legs.

5. Upon purchase of a kangaroo for children of any age you should not get model for growth. Such economy can negatively affect a condition of a backbone if the back of a bag does densely not adjoin to the child's back, development of a curvature and other pathologies is possible.

6. Pay attention to a possibility of adjustment of completeness of carrying – this function is relevant during any season. You will be able to choose degree of freedom of a backpack, considering how dense will be a layer of clothes of the child. Estimate materials of which "kengurushka" is made. It is desirable that it were natural fabrics, existence of various pockets for the necessary things, ventilation is also welcomed.

7. Choosing a kangaroo, do not forget about own comfort. It was more convenient to carry the child, it is worth taking a backpack with the crossed straps. Such designs are anatomic, loading will be evenly distributed. The bag with the straps regulated in front will become a good choice, then it will be possible to adjust their situation even on the road.

8. By search of a kangaroo specify whether the pleasant model is suitable for frequent washings. Also it will be possible to save time on care for carrying, having bought a backpack with water-repellent top. A great choice will become the displayed backpack in which it is easy to put the kid or to move it on a changing table, having made a minimum of efforts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team