How to choose a mattress in a bed

How to choose a mattress in a bed

As a rule, cribs are on sale without matrasik. And again before parents there is a mass of questions: what mattress to choose what to pay attention to? And to think to eat really over what – the sweet and quiet dream of the kid depends on a good mattress!


1. At first decide on the size: dimensions of a mattress have to correspond ideally to dimensions of a bed which standard parameters are 120x60, 125x65 and 140x70 cm.

2. Children, especially babies, spend the most part of days lying - therefore filling of a mattress is important! Orthopedists and pediatricians recommend: the child is younger, the more strictly there has to be his bed. In this plan is ideal for newborns matrasik, filled with a coconut willock (coconut fiber with impregnation from natural latex). Such mattress rather rigid, hypoallergenic, well ventilated.

3. For kids years are more senior orthopedic mattresses on springs will approach. Only specify at the seller - whether the spring block is ""independent"" - such springs obespechat to a mattress durability, and to the child - the correct position of a backbone.

4. Eco-friendly materials of which often make filling of mattresses - latex, polyurethane foam, holofiber. Thais of an ematrasa durable, elastic, heat-insulating, are perfectly kept and restore an initial form.

5. Filling of mattresses is frequent combine - on the spring basis the layer from coconut flakes is imposed, or to a latex basis the flooring from cotton, wool, buckwheat pod, a sea grass, etc. dobavyatsya. An optimal variant is bilateral matrasik: one its party rigid (from coconut flakes), and another - softer (for example, from polyurethane foam or latex foam). While the child is small, he sleeps on a rigid surface of a mattress, and in a year the mattress turns over.

6. It is better to refuse foam and cotton mattresses, despite their low cost, - they too soft and quickly get out of a shape.

7. Height of a matrasik has purely practical value - high (8-12 cm) are more convenient: it is easier to stack the child.

8. Pay also attention to a mattress cover or a cover: it has to be, it is desirable, removable (in order to avoid problems with washing), from natural, hypoallergenic materials and to have smooth seams.

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