How to choose a name for a baptism

How to choose a name for a baptism

Epiphany – one of the greatest sacraments and events in human life therefore it is necessary to prepare for it carefully. Each detail, the choice of the godfather and mother, a cross worn on the neck, clothes is important and, of course, the child needs to pick up a name. The last is especially important as this name will remain for the rest of life.


1. The easiest way is not to think out anything in addition at all, and to write down the child during the baptism that name which you gave it at the birth. If you selected a usual wordly name to the kid with love, it is pleasant to you how it sounds, and it seems suitable to the personality and to the nature of fumes, then and such name quite suits for a baptism. It is the most widespread option, it helps to avoid further many problems and discrepancies.

2. However if you called the child by the name which is not in the orthodox calendar, or believe in what through a name of your kid can be maleficiated, pick up other name under which it will be known in church. In this situation there is nothing terrible, some even believe that the secret name serves the person as a charm, but further it is necessary to consider that during a prayer and a participle it is necessary to be called as named at a baptism, but not as it is written down in the passport. Misunderstanding can arise also during the wedding if future spouse and guests are not devoted in such difference of names.

3. As for the name for a baptism, it is possible just to pick up the option in consonance to a name in the passport. For example, Diana in the world can quite become Darya at a baptism. There is also ancient tradition to call the child in honor of someone from Saints. It is very good tradition, it provides to the kid protection of that Saint by which name he was called. It is also recommended to look at the calendar of church names and to stop on one that fall on birthday or baptisms.

4. Anyway try to proceed not only from this the concrete name is pleasant or not, and learn that it designates as affects destiny and character of the person. Remember that, unlike a wordly name, the name chosen for a baptism cannot be changed in the subsequent, it will remain with your child until the end of life therefore it is so important not to make the wrong choice from the very beginning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team