How to choose a pacifier for the kid

How to choose a pacifier for the kid

The Sosatelny reflex appears at the baby till his birth. Except food and saturation, sucking of a breast gives to the child and positive emotions from contact with mother. However from time to time there is a need to use "substitutes" of a female breast – a dummy and a pacifier.

As nipples in a form differ

The round, "classical" pacifier repeats a shape of a nipple of a mammary gland that allows to bring closer as much as possible feeding from a small bottle to natural feeding. Orthodontic nipples contribute to the correct development of the lower jaw and the sky and also prevent swallowing air during sucking. Reduce amount of the swallowed air and a pacifier with an anti-vacuum system thanks to what the frequency of vomiting decreases. Besides, the valve in an anti-vacuum pacifier interferes with its adhesion, giving the chance to the child not to come off a small bottle.

Nipples differ by quantity of holes in them. Up to 2-3 months the kids suit nipples with one or two openings, children are 2-5 months old – with three. Nipples with four holes create a fast stream of liquid food and are suitable for feeding of children 4 months are more senior. The form of an opening can be X-figurative (for juice), y-shaped (for liquid porridge), etc.

Holes in many nipples do by means of a laser punched hole. Thanks to such technology the kid, eating from a pacifier, puts as much efforts how many and when sucking a maternal breast. In addition, with ideally smooth edges food passes through such openings freely and with a uniform speed. It is better when holes are not in the middle of a pacifier (liquid in that case flows in the child's throat), and is a little higher that food went to the sky and the child did not choke.

Whether the child of a dummy needs to buy

It is desirable to use dummies sometimes not only, but also it is necessary – as, for example, for kids with strongly expressed sosatelny reflex. Sucking of a dummy will also help to calm the child with nervousness. And in general, let better the baby sucks a dummy, than a thumb as the last can deform a jaw and lead to violation of a bite.

From what material to choose a pacifier

Nipples and dummies make of rubber, silicone and latex, but rubber products gradually lose the relevance. Silicone nipples are less deformed and therefore are more durable, but they and harder for sucking. It is better to use them only until when at the child the first teeth are cut through. Latex dummies and nipples are softer silicone, and recommend to give them to the kid at emergence of teeth as soft latex influences their growth less. But, unlike products from silicone, the latex pacifier can cause allergies in the child. Latex nipples are recommended to be changed even if there are no visible damages, times in 2-3 weeks, silicone – time in 4-5 weeks. The damaged product needs to be replaced at once that the coming-off pieces did not get into airways of the kid.

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