How to choose a pot for the girl

How to choose a pot for the girl

Schooling of the girl to a pot – a difficult task. Its fast performance depends on a set of various factors, the most significant of which are the increased patience and attention of parents, desire of the baby to join the adult world and, of course, convenience of the tool, i.e. a pot. To choose really good pot for the girl not so difficult if to conform at the same time to several simple rules.

Good pot for the girl: rules of the choice

For girls it is better to choose a pot of rounded shape without any ledges in a front part. The baby will be able to sit down only on such product without assistance and is free to connect legs. Pay attention and to that the child sat on a pot directly, and his bottom was not below knees.

The size of a pot has to correspond to growth of the child completely. If you choose too big accessory, the bottom of the baby will fail, and the girl will hardly want to sit down on such pot again and again. It will be inconvenient to sit to the child and on too small product.

Refuse purchase of white or too light pot. Such product will clean very difficult from pollution and the eaten spots.

Choose color of a pot for the girl according to the flavoring preferences or wishes of the most future hostess of a product. Give preference to bright model or a pot with the image of amusing animals, beautiful pictures or characters of children's animated films. Cheerful drawings will draw by all means attention of the baby, and she more will sit down willingly on a pot. Pay attention and to a pot surface for the girl. She has to be equal and smooth, without any cracks, roughnesses and jags which can not only injure gentle skin of the baby, but also to become an excellent shelter for microbes and other harmful microorganisms. Give preference to a pot for the girl with a cover. This detail will become not only convenient addition to a children's accessory, but also will allow to hold in it all unpleasant smells.

Choosing a pot for the girl, give preference to practical and functional model, but not decorative.

Before choosing and buying a pot for the girl, make sure of its stability. Most often stability of children's pots is defined by expansion of the basis of an accessory or presence at it of a special support.

Where to buy a good pot for the girl

To buy a pot for the girl, as well as any accessories to children, it is better in specialized children's shops and departments which sellers have all necessary documents and certificates confirming high quality and safety of goods in which sale they are engaged. On counters of modern children's shops it is possible to see a huge variety of various pots for the girls complemented with lighting and musical effects, executed in the form of the horses and doggies equipped with various game panels and other cheerful elements. However all this delicacy, according to experts, is not necessary at all, the pot, first of all, has to be a pot, but not a toy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team