How to choose a swimsuit for the child

How to choose a swimsuit for the child

Children grow up from old clothes very quickly. Therefore mothers almost annually should be puzzled how to choose a swimsuit for the child. It is good that the market is extensive, and for selection of a fashionable and beautiful thing it is enough to glance in several shops. But it is important not to get lost in color assortment of children's counters and hangers and to pick up the model suitable your child.

It is required to you

  • - the measurements taken of the child;
  • - centimeter;
  • - shorts which the child wears now.


1. Define for what purpose the swimsuit is necessary for the child. They are subdivided into beachwear and for the pool. Swimsuits of the second group "continuous", more reserved in respect of accessories and color scale. Often their manufacturers are specialized firms, for example, of Speedo, Adidas, Nike and so forth which use more wearproof fabrics in production.

2. Beach swimsuits are made of bright fabrics, are decorated with various beads, stripes, decorative elements. Choose this element of clothes according to age of the child. For example, for the least, mobile children, it is the best of all to buy a continuous swimsuit. It will remain on the child, kind of that jumped, ran, whatever sand castles built.

3. Do not buy the swimsuits which are plentifully decorated with "pendants" for kids. The child can tear off scenery and try it that is very hazardous to health. Check all appliques for durability of their accession to fabric every time before an exit to the beach.

4. For more adult girls choose a swimsuit depending on mobility of the child. Separate, for example, will help to stand out from the crowd and to feel more adult. Swimming trunks of such swimsuits are often differently decorated. Some producers put an additional short skirt in which it is safely possible to go to the beach (so-called "trikinis").

5. Correctly to choose a swimsuit, measure growth of the child. For children the beachwear is sewed according to this parameter. On labels in shop attentively you watch labels. There also the intermediate size, for example, of 98-104 cm can be specified. Thus, if growth of your child of 106 cm, is better to pick up model with the subsequent indicators.

6. Always attentively investigate also model. Measure the child up to a breast, a bottom and a waist. In shop measure the model which was pleasant to you. Remarkably, if you are able to come for purchase together with the kid to try on a swimsuit. Otherwise take shorts and visually compare them to swimming trunks from a swimsuit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team