How to choose a swing

How to choose a swing

The children adore feeling of flight and literally occupy all swing at playgrounds. Present to children a holiday, having bought a house swing. It is important that they were the safest and convenient for the child.


1. When choosing a swing consider age and weight of the kid. For absolutely young babies the swing "for newborns" or a transforming swing is necessary. These are compact models with a comfortable soft seat, an adjustable back and the fixing belts. Such swing is quite capable to serve as a cradle or stool for feeding.

2. For children is a little more senior buy suspended or floor model in the form of an amusing soft toy. When choosing a floor swing examine a framework. It has to be heavy and equipped with reliable fixers that a swing could not overturn. Additional plus – existence of brakes or nonslipping slips.

3. A suspended swing to you will cost cheaper floor, they fasten to a ceiling or a crossbeam in a doorway and are quite simple in use. For children is younger than three years better to choose option with a seat armchair. In it there are special hand-rail which will protect the baby from falling. Minus models are that the child should be put and removed from a swing, to shake and watch its safety.

4. If you live in the private house or you have a giving, then a street swing is a great option. Establish them on the open area on a soil or grass covering. Concrete legs of a swing. Strengthen a seat at the height not higher than 60 cm that the child could reach legs the earth. Oil moving parts lubricating that they did not creak. Check connections of elements of a swing, if necessary tighten details.

5. Upon purchase pay attention to safety of a design. It has to be steady and reliable. Purchase of a swing of the checked famous producer will be good option. Then you will be sure of quality, environmental friendliness, safety of a product.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team