How to choose a useful breakfast for the younger school student

How to choose a useful breakfast for the younger school student

The ideas for a tasty and useful breakfast which will help the school student to be healthy and successful.

Each mom of the younger school student for certain faced a breakfast problem. How to feed the child who did not wake up plainly yet? And whether it is necessary if in the morning in him nothing climbs?

It is necessary. The breakfast is surely necessary and to feed a brain before academic loads and in order that the organism received the necessary vitamins and minerals and as prevention of obesity. Still it is necessary to live up to a school breakfast, and here and there the school breakfast also does not please, it tasteless, and children do not eat it – and it is necessary to think, than to feed with it the child that it lived up to a lunch, thinking of study, but not of bun from buffet. Without breakfast the child will wake up on the way to school, will get hungry at the first lesson – and will be hungry till a big change.

What to give to the child for breakfast that food brought benefit and it was pleasant to it?

  •    Kashi. If your child loves porridges – you were lucky. Options of preparation of porridges there is a set now even if there is no time at all. An excellent exit – porridge in the multicooker – it is only necessary to spend a couple of minutes in the evening. Other option: the buckwheat which is wrapped up since evening washed out and filled in with boiled water. By the morning it will become friable and tasty. That porridges became even more useful, it is possible to add a few steamed dried fruits to them, fresh berries or flax seeds. At last, it is possible to do of semolina porridge since evening a pudding. For this purpose it is necessary to cook thick porridge and to lay out it in small cups or molds which before it moistened with cold water. In the morning the pudding needs to be laid out from a mold on a plate. It is possible to give such pudding with fresh berries, and it is possible with the ground berries jam – tasty and it is useful.
  •    Casseroles – one more great way to feed the child before school. Very good option – sweet cottage cheese casserole "as in a garden". But it is possible to offer the child and other options: meat or vegetable casseroles, or krupenik from favourite porridges.
  •    Fruit salad or fruit pieces. Cut favourite fruit of the child, fill them with fruit yogurt or sour cream, and in a favourite cup pour yogurt or milk. It is very useful to add a little steamed out raisin and dates.

At last, giving of a dish is very important. Habitual porridge will seem is more tasty if to put it on a favourite plate, and to put a plate on a cheerful napkin. Such napkins can be a little – it is possible to lay it on a table in a second. Beautiful laying will help to create mood – and a breakfast, so, and all day, will go off with a bang. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team