How to choose an arena for the child

How to choose an arena for the child

First of all the arena is the first assistant to mom. When the baby grows up, begins to sit, creep, and then to take the first steps, its interest is directed absolutely to all objects of your apartment. Certainly, there is no wish that the child thrust the small fingers into the socket or beat them a case door. Here mom is come to the rescue by an arena which will be the safest place for the kid when you need to leave for a couple of minutes. Correctly to choose an arena, it is not necessary to be the expert. It is enough to have basic ideas of future purchase. About what we will also have a talk today.

What arenas happen? What it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a children's arena to?

First, it is a form. Arenas are rectangular, square, round, triangular (are stood in the corner). Better if your arena is big on the area that a large number of toys held and there was a place for the baby which will hardly sit in one place. But besides it is necessary to take the sizes of your apartment and a purse in attention. The big arena will be much more expensive, than mini-option.

Secondly, it is worth paying attention to arena height. There is no wish that the one-year-old tot fell out. Choose an arena higher, it in your interests.

Thirdly, it will be necessary to solve what walls at your arena – wooden or a grid. If you stopped on option from a tree, remember that width between rods should not be too big that the young researcher did not get stuck between them, trying to get out. Buying a wooden arena, you remember that the child will sit not just there, and to move actively and, quite naturally, to fall.

On safety this arena concedes to model with an oil-cloth covering and walls from a grid. In option with a grid it is necessary to pay attention to its color and the size. It has to be very small that the finger of the kid could not get stuck. And the baby surely there will try to thrust fingers. It is the best of all to select a grid according to color pastel tones, eyes of the child will be tired and strain less. Color of the arena should not be too bright, motley too. Otherwise the hyperactivity of yours of the baby can only envy.

Fourthly, be defined what will be a covering of your arena. Certainly, the oilcloth is cleaned and washes much quicker and better, than, for example, fabric. However, when the kid will want "to sharpen" teeth, the arena sheathed by fabric it will be safer.

Fifthly, it is very important that the arena was reliably fixed on a floor. It should not be unsteady, shake. On legs of an arena there have to be special fastenings which will keep an arena in a motionless state at any movements of the child.

If you chose model with walls from a grid, check that the grid did not sag, it was well tense. Many arenas have special round hand-rail, keeping for which the child will be able independently to get up. Their existence is undoubted - it is great advantage.

Be defined what model will be suitable for your kid more, and safely go to shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team