How to choose books for girls

How to choose books for girls

The book is not only good, but also useful gift. It is an effective method of education and development of the child. Buying the book it is important to choose such edition which will interest her for the girl.


1. For a long time the priority role of women is a reproduction, care of the house, a cosiness and wellbeing of family. Girls by the nature softer, gentle and sympathetic than boys though there are also exceptions. Therefore books are important and interesting to girls not so much by action, how many feeling, feeling and the description. That the book carried away the little lady, at it there have to be detailed descriptions and also the developed and well designated portraits and feelings of the main characters.

2. First, pay attention to age recommendations. The baby will suit brightly illustrated collection of kind magic fairy tales, and to the girl is more senior it is possible to present cheerful and interesting stories about animals or about romantic adventures of favourite heroes. Besides, on sale there are special collections of fantastic stories for girls in whom main characters are princesses, fairies and kind magicians. Very opportunely romantic works by Green and fascinating adventures of Alice Lewis of Carroll will have.

3. Consider hobbies of the child. Buy the little fashionista the illustrated grants on production of jewelry, books on sewing or knitting. If the girl likes to draw, pick up her several editions with reproductions of the famous artists or the book for drawing and painting.

4. The essential advantage for the general development and expansion of an outlook is brought by thematic collections and encyclopedias. Buy several such editions with bright illustrations and enough the useful text.

5. Choosing the book, surely personally check it. It will help you to protect the child from "low-quality" literature which now in a large number is present at sale. It is better not to buy the reduced or processed editions, adhere to the classical author's version of works which are familiar to you since childhood.

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