How to choose carrying for the newborn

How to choose carrying for the newborn

It is very convenient to use a bag carrying from the first days of life of the kid. It can be taken separately for campaigns, for example, to the doctor. Also carrying is useful to those who have no carriage cradle: the bag with the kid can easily be put in a stroller. There are some subtleties which need to be known before carrying purchase.


1. The bag carrying has to have a firm bottom. If you buy it privately, then surely check integrity of a rigid insert. The bottom should not bend under easy pressing. Otherwise, as it will be able to sustain the child's weight. It is very convenient if the bottom gets that carrying could be washed.

2. The following nuance to which it is necessary to pay attention, - handles. Some models of carryings have two handles, some – three. If at a bag two handles, look at their length. They have to be or short (to carry a bag on an outstretched arm), or rather long (that it could be hung up on a shoulder). In the second case the slip on a velcro allowing to connect both handles that will prevent their slipping very is useful. Some models of carryings have the special third handle in a set to carry a bag on a shoulder. In this case two others have to be short.

3. Not always specify its weight in characteristics of a bag. But before purchase it is better to estimate after all as far as carrying heavy. On this parameter it is necessary to pay special attention in case you plan to carry a lot of the kid in a bag. At the same time weight has no basic value if carrying is required to you only for a carriage.

4. Material of which carrying is made from within has to be nice on the touch and it is desirable natural. Especially it is important if you carry the newborn in a bag during the summer period. In the winter the baby is well wrapped or dressed therefore then it is not so important. Outside waterproof and nonspottable material will be very not superfluous.

5. Not all carryings have a hood. However it very is useful during a small rain or at a bright sun. It is better if the hood can be unfastened. So he can be washed or moved away.

6. Usually all carryings have a cape which is zipped. Pay attention to quality of a lightning: it has to be very strong. Also look how the bag is undone. It is convenient if the cape can be taken off completely to put the kid. It is possible to take off a cape also in a carriage in winter time that the kid in thick warm clothes was located in carrying.

7. If you carry the kid in such bag in cold season, then it is worth buying it rather large volume with high sides. Otherwise the baby just will not be located in carrying in winter overalls or a warm blanket.

8. If you plan to put a bag with the baby in a stroller, then before purchase surely measure berth width. Some models of carryings can not be located in your carriage. The best option is to buy the carrying intended for your brand and model of a carriage.

9. Some models of carryings have additional options: pillow or matrasik, for example. It considerably increases cost. Though their need remains under a big question. If you wish to save, then you should not look at such models of bags carryings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team