How to choose children's cream

How to choose children's cream

Children's cream always is in the list of things which need to be got by the time of birth of the child. It is means from a set of problems. For this reason before to get it it is worth understanding what cream to choose that its action was the most effective.


1. The moisturizing cream well copes with a problem of care for gentle and sensitive skin of the child. Apply it, as a rule, after bathing, quickly restoring thus the hydrolipidic balance broken by hard water. Vegetable oils, vitamin E, extracts of plants and glycerin are a part of such cream.

2. Cream from irritation usually still is called cream under a diaper as in this area skin of the kid is most often subject to irritation because of continuous friction. The main components of cream from irritation are oxide of zinc and d-panthenol which destroy bacteria and create a protective barrier on skin.

3. Protective cream is necessary for prevention of impact on skin of the child of the external environment. The children's protective cream intended for cold season nourishes skin, interfering with its chapping or a frostbite, and summer creams contain ultra-violet filters.

4. Universal cream needs to be had in the house just in case, it can be applied in any situation. Such cream contains a large amount of various oils, vitamins and extracts of plants.

5. When choosing children's cream you should not pay attention to the brightest and colourful tube as it tells nothing about its usefulness. To choose really good children's cream it is necessary to learn to read packing, at it there is always a list of the components which are its part. Keep in mind that the further ingredient will be listed in this list, the its smaller quantity is in this product.

6. It is also important to know that such ingredients as mineral oils, parabens and phenoxyethanol, should not be present at the list of the components specified on packing. Mineral oils (paraffin, vaseline) are a part of many cosmetics, both domestic, and foreign production. And they are capable to create greenhouse effect which blocks skin breath, breaks thermal exchange and natural level of self-control. Mineral oils, unlike natural, are a product, harmful to a human body. Parabens are artificial preservatives, mutagens and carcinogens. Fenoksietanol increases allergic sensitivity of a children's organism, besides, he is capable to influence harmful the reproductive system of the person and to render toxic effect on the nervous and immune system.

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