How to choose children's overalls

How to choose children's overalls

The modern children's fashion offers many options of winter clothes for every taste. However overalls, they not only warm, but also lungs became the most demanded models that allows children to move to walk time. That your kid did not freeze, and enjoyed winter days, it is important to choose correctly for him overalls.


1. The overalls for the newborn happen two types. You can give preference to option in the form of a sleeping bag which remains continuous. It undoes only the top part that you could put in the child. Or you can choose a transforming bag which has sleeves, and thanks to lightnings in the lower part you will be able easily to make panties. This option is convenient when the kid grows up and begins to move handles and legs actively. Filler has to be natural, especially well approach eider or goose down.

2. For children who already learned to go the producers also offer two options. The conjoint overalls will allow to protect the kid from freezing if at it the back suddenly becomes bare. However for more mobile or more adult children who like to run, ride in the winter from hills and to somersault in snow, it is better to buy overalls at which the jacket is put on separately, and panties keep not only on an elastic band or a drawstring, but also at the expense of braces. Models from synthetic fabric as they wash off better will be suitable for such children better, and some are even impregnated with water-repellent liquid that the overalls did not get wet and dirt did not stick. For the fall as filler also sintepon will approach, and here for winter it is better to give preference to holofiber.

3. Pay attention to execution of details. Seams have to be equal and accurate, and lightnings, revetings and buttons - it is easy to be undone. Sites of clothes which are exposed to stronger influence, for example, knees or elbows have to have additional warming or at least one more layer of fabric. Check whether straps of panties well fasten, it is how easy to regulate them.

4. Color of children's overalls can be anyone. Do not limit the choice only to pink and blue shades, the kidswear can have a set of various bright and cheerful color combinations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team