How to choose children's shampoo

How to choose children's shampoo

Bathing is one of the most important points of the program for child care. Water procedures not only well affect health of the kid, strengthening his immunity and protecting from developing of various illnesses, but also help the baby to relax after the day sated with bright events. To make bathing not only useful, but also pleasant for the child correctly chosen children's shampoo will help.

Whether children's shampoo is necessary to the child

It is necessary to use children's shampoo not more often than 1-2 times a week. Too active impact of means on a protective layer of head skin of the kid can lead to its peresushivaniye and emergence of seboreyny scales.

Some mothers and fathers, especially those who became parents for the first time ask a question: "And whether the child needs in general special children's shampoo and why it is impossible to use usual adult means for bathing of the kid?". To dispel doubts of adults and can convince them of purchase of the shampoo intended especially for children very interesting fact. It appears, the special acid film which is formed on the head of the baby and intends for protection of his skin at advanced age, at babies is not up to the end created, and to harmful bacteria to get through it to an organism of the child does not make special work. Children's shampoos which unlike the adult means aimed mainly at removal of surplus of skin fat humidify feed, protect gentle head skin of the kid, interfering with emergence of inflammatory processes and stimulating the correct development of hair bulbs.

Good children's shampoo: rules of the choice

A variety of children's shampoos on counters of modern shops is so high that many parents who decided to buy this hygienic means for the kid are lost in so rich assortment and choose the first comer or the most pleasant bottle. So it is not necessary to do, to buy really good children's shampoo, it is necessary to study attentively its structure and other information specified on packing. Choosing child shampoo, always pay attention to the age group specified on a means bottle. If on a small bottle with shampoo there is a mark "For children since the birth", safely buy it for the baby. The lack of this inscription says that means is intended for children over three years. When choosing children's shampoo give preference to goods of famous brands. Large producers value the reputation and never use ingredients, forbidden and unsafe for kids, at production of the products. Refuse purchase of the children's shampoo possessing in bright color and a pungent smell. And if all of you want to surprise the baby with pleasant aroma, choose for it children's shampoo with a smell of a lavender or a camomile which, besides the main properties, has as well the calming effect.

Children cancerogenic formaldehyde, a lauryl sodium sulfate, the 1.4th dioxane, trietanolamine and diethanol amide are considered as the most unhealthy as components of children's shampoos.

Surely study composition of the children's shampoo which attracted to you. Besides the components specified by a large print pay attention and to substances which names are printed on the label with small letters. Perhaps, one of them constitutes potential danger to health of your child. And the last, when choosing children's shampoo always give preferences to means with a mark "without tears". Such shampoos consist of the soft washing substances not irritating and not pinching children's eyes.

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