How to choose children's toys

How to choose children's toys

Children's toys – an important part of the world of the childhood which forms perception of the world around of the child from the first days of life. The choice of a toy for the kid - occupation difficult. It is necessary to approach this question with all responsibility.


1. If you want the kid not only cheerfully to spend time, but also studied in the course of the game, choose for it the developing toys. Buy them in specialized shops, avoid tents and apportions with toys in transitions or in the markets. Otherwise you risk to buy goods of bad quality from unknown producer which hardly safeguards the products.

2. Each toy is intended for certain age. Before purchase read the relevant information on packing. For kids up to two years choose toys from natural materials as all of them taste. Try to avoid bright coloring - not always such paints are safe for kids though very much it are pleasant to them.

3. Wooden toys still keep the relevance. If there is a choice – a wooden or plastic toy, choose natural material. As a rule, such products are well ground therefore do not worry about splinters.

4. Before purchase of a soft toy stroke her the wrong way. If on a palm there are fibers, it is better to refuse such acquisition. Try all details on durability; eyes and a nose have to keep well. If a toy with music, before purchase listen to all melodies. Make sure that the kid will not be frightened.

5. To kids about one year buy rattles, small plush toys, cubes of the average sizes and pyramids from rings. For children of a year to three – toy ware, plasticine, a mosaic and the washing-away paints. After three years children need to buy a board and crayons, paints and felt-tip pens, the children's computer, a mosaic and various sets. To girls will dolls with accessories, and to boys – the "young mechanic" set are interesting.

6. Upon purchase of toys choose those models which are similar to real animals or people that the child could draw an analogy. And of course, try to protect up to five years the child from games in monsters and unclear beings. At this age the children's mentality is easily vulnerable, and it is difficult to foresee consequences of influence of such toys.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team