How to choose decorative cosmetics

How to choose decorative cosmetics

of women uses decorative cosmetics. It helps to create the necessary image, to emphasize advantages and to hide face defects. Now in shops the wide range of cosmetics is provided, and it is necessary to learn to choose them correctly.


  1. Before purchase of decorative cosmetics consult with the dermatologist. He will define your type and features of skin and also will give professional advice on selection of cosmetics.
  2. Do not buy cosmetics in the markets and in stalls, it is better to go to specialized shop, there are less chances to buy fake. Surely read the summary and you look at issue date and expiration date of product. On packing the producer and structure of product has to be specified. Vitamins, useful additives, antioxidants and sun-protection filters are part of quality cosmetics.
  3. Selecting color scale for decorative cosmetics, take into account color of your hair, eyes, face skin and also image which you want to create by means of make-up.
  4. It is very important to choose correctly foundation, it – basis of your make-up. The tone of means has to match color of your skin or to be slightly lighter. Foundation has to be lung and have qualities of good cream for the person: to humidify and protect skin from ultraviolet rays. There are means having lifting effect, but they much more expensive.
  5. Good ink does look to more expressive, and gives to eyelashes the volume and length. For a start be defined what is necessary to you: volume, extending or waterproof. The quality product on the consistence is similar to cream, lays down even layer on cilia, does not roll down, is not showered and has no strong chemical smell. It is good if as a part of means there are vitamins, useful to eyelashes, keratin and castor oil. Special medical ink will treat your cilia. Usually it is approved by ophthalmologists and perfectly suits women who carry contact lenses. Waterproof ink is irreplaceable in rainy weather and at sports activities.
  6. Modern quality lipstick will help to make your lips more expressive and volume. It has to be put, not cause softly and evenly feelings of dryness and tightening. Pleasant smell and gentle texture – one more plus to product. Color scale depends on hair color, your individual preferences and type of make-up. Nacreous lipstick and lip gloss will give additional volume. Opaque lipstick will be suitable for working make-up, and reserve lipstick with spangles for cheerful parties and visits of club.
  7. One more of fixed assets of decorative cosmetics is eye shadow. First, the good quality product is not cheap. Bad shadows can cause allergy, irritation and reddening of eyes. Shadows have to lay down even layer on eyelids and not gather pleated skin. Read structure of product, synthetic, but not metal pigments – occasion to get shadows.
  8. Except all above-mentioned, be guided by the famous producers of decorative cosmetics who have positively proved in the market of beauty. Use testers if the attracted product costs considerable money, buy for a start sampler to be convinced that you need this cosmetic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team