How to choose glasses for the child

How to choose glasses for the child

Most of children, being afraid of sneers and obzyvatelstvo from peers, refuse flatly to wear glasses. But this hated to kids the subject is capable to solve many problems with sight. That the child did not refuse glasses wearing, choose for him such accessory of which it will definitely not hesitate.


1. Choosing points for the child, do not forget that the face of the kid in process of growing will change, and the nose bridge becomes higher. Therefore try to make replacement of children's points at least, than once a year to provide their correct landing on a nose bridge.

2. The most popular material for production of frames for children's points is titanium. As well others, similar to it on properties, alloys are in great demand. These materials are famous for the excellent durability and flexibility. And to become strong, dexterous and courageous, active holiday is simply necessary for the child: to a lasagna on trees, jumps on a jump rope, ball games, driving the bicycle. If the kid thinks of that all the time, kind of not to spoil a spectacle frame, he precisely should refuse many entertainments and pleasures of the childhood.

3. Pay attention when choosing the proofreader of sight for the fidget and to earhooks of points. For the smallest ideal option are earhooks in the form of a hook which are not so simple for dropping about producers try to cover them with soft covers. Since at kids the points keep mainly not on a nose, namely on ears, track that earhooks were convenient, did not press, did not rub and did not stick into skin.

4. Pay special attention to the choice of lenses for children's points. Such material as polycarbonate is for most of parents in huge demand. Such lenses very easy, them it is difficult to break. The polycarbonate lens nevertheless can break, but not into a set of splinters as glass, and on only two parts, without having wounded at the same time an eye of the kid.

5. Explain to the kid that it is necessary to handle points very carefully: not to throw them anywhere, after use to remove in a case, and at the slightest pollution to wipe both a frame, and lenses with a napkin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team