How to choose kindergarten and to write down in it the child

How to choose kindergarten and to write down in it the child

The choice of kindergarten demands a certain approach. Parents need to consider not only its location, but a set of other important factors.

Choice of kindergarten

Today parents have the right to independently choose preschool institution which will be visited by their child, on condition of existence of available seats in it. It is necessary to approach the choice of kindergarten with a certain share of responsibility.

First of all it is necessary to decide on the most convenient location of preschool institution. It is very convenient when the garden is located near the house or the place of work of one of parents. In each district of the city, as a rule, there are several kindergartens. Will help to stop the choice on one of them the comments left by parents of those children who already visit the interesting institutions.

Choosing a garden, it is necessary to pay attention to degree of fullness of groups, professionalism of tutors, existence of various circles on interests, quality of food. With what mood the child will visit a garden sometimes depends on personal qualities and professionalism of tutors. Choosing between free and paid establishment, it is necessary to estimate the financial opportunities for a start adequately. In private kindergartens, as a rule, there are no turns. In such institutions rather few groups. At the same time it is necessary to understand that every month it is necessary to pay the considerable sum for its visit. Finally to decide on the choice, it is necessary to visit several preschool institutions and with own eyes to estimate conditions of stay of kids in kindergarten, the schedule of their day. Many parents admit that after the tour conducted on a garden they at once felt at the intuitive level whether it is worth leaving in this establishment of the child or not.

How to file documents to kindergarten

To write down the child in a garden, it is necessary to approach in the manager and to take an interest in availability. If available seats are, the manager or the HR specialist will issue the list of the documents necessary in order that the kid was accepted in a garden. In this case the birth certificate, the passport of one of parents and some other documents is required. The employee of preschool institution will suggest parents to sign the contract of the established form and will issue several questionnaires for filling. The child should pass medical commission. In some kindergartens at submission of documents ask to bring the printout from the website of city preschool education where individual number of the kid which was given it when setting on turn in a garden is specified.

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