How to choose long-awaited gifts to children by New year

How to choose long-awaited gifts to children by New year

One of significant events in life of children is the meeting of New year. This holiday is connected with magic. Therefore it is necessary to give something unusual, surprising. It is necessary to approach the choice of a gift with all responsibility.

It is sometimes difficult to be defined on something concrete. In that case, it is possible to buy several small gifts at once. It can be various sweets, animated films and games on disks, small soft toys, a mosaic and other.

Each gift has to be packed separately. Brown paper surely has to be bright colors. By old tradition, the surprise has to lie under a fir-tree that the child found it. It is possible to hide it, and over the place where it is hidden, to hang up the hint, in the form of the index. From an anticipation of receiving a New Year's surprise, children are enraptured.

Fantastic heroes Father Frost and the Snow Maiden — some of the main characters of this remarkable holiday which children look forward. And this holiday will not do without them. Invite them to yourself on a visit that they presented gifts to children by New year. The festive congratulation will be for your children a surprise, having left behind a heap of emotions.

There are several rules when choosing a gift for children in New year: — in advance to be defined that you want to buy. In haste and turmoil it is correct to make a choice it will not turn out; — it is necessary to give what is directly connected with the interests of your child; — the child should not see in advance what you plan to present, otherwise the surprise will not turn out; — you should not dispel the tale of existence of Father Frost and the granddaughter Snegurochka. Children believe that under a festive fir-tree the bright boxes are put by them.

What to give, considering age of the child? To give a gift to children up to 3 years much more simply. It can be clothes, with various bright drawings and appliques, musical toys, sketchbooks, pencils in bright packings, felt-tip pens and many other things. Small children love colourful books, fairy tales, a coloring, magazines with stickers.

Children up to 6 years. At this age it is necessary to give the logical, developing games. Toy doll lodges, sets of ware, the children's game sets "little needlewoman" in which package the small sewing machine and the iron is included well will be suitable for girls. To boys at such age like to play with toy cars. Preference can be given to machines with the remote control of management. The children's railroad will please any kid not less. The city multy-storey parking will give pleasure from a game. Reminding real, will allow to make excitedly abrupt descents and arrivals to the little motorist.

To children is more senior it is necessary to buy already something more serious. It can be earphones for the computer, the mobile phone, a MP3 player and many other things. The choice for you, in view of tastes of your children.

Not important, what age your child. The main thing to enclose all love and care of your children in the presented thing. Give gifts with all the heart!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team