How to choose maternity hospital

How to choose maternity hospital

Under the law future mom has the right to choose any maternity hospital what will wish. And, considering that never you know for sure in what day the kid will decide to be born, attend to the choice of maternity hospital better in advance.

It is better to choose maternity hospital as soon as possible, ideally in the middle of pregnancy. On collecting information, to study responses, to go on an excursion and to get acquainted with doctors, a lot of time will leave.

Why to choose maternity hospital independently

First, it is never impossible to be sure for 100% that everything will pass easily and smoothly. Childbirth – unpredictable process. Even if all pregnancy proceeded ideally, from complications nobody is during childbirth insured. And here it is simple not to do without the qualified help and the modern equipment.

Secondly, often there is an opportunity to choose the doctor who will deliver. Agree, much more quietly when the familiar person who knows your medical record and your organism at a difficult moment is near. Well and at last, when fights will begin, at you will be one cause for experiences less. You will know for sure: to whom to call where you will be carried and who will meet you there.

According to what criteria it is necessary to select maternity hospital

What is the time will leave on the road. Of course, childbirth, especially the first, will not end in a couple of hours after the beginning. But after all it is better to wait fights in comfortable chamber under observation of doctors, but not in the car, looking at the scared husband. Conditions of stay in chambers. For how many people chambers are designed whether is single if you want to be alone with the child. Whether stay together with the newborn is possible in general. Condition of chambers, beds and shower. What from things can be taken and that will be provided on the place. Hardware of the delivery room. As the hall is equipped whether will be able to help with emergency situation what options of anesthesia are possible there. If you plan joint childbirth with the husband or nonconventional, for example, vertical childbirth, too it is worth learning about it in advance. The children's office is not less important. Surely learn whether is in maternity hospital qualified neonatolog, what there nurses and treatment of children. Some maternity hospitals specialize in cardiovascular diseases, some – in pathologies of the child. If there are any problems or complications, it is better to give birth in that maternity hospital which is for this purpose intended. Choosing the specific doctor, learn about his reputation. Meet to discuss the plan of childbirth, your expectations and alarms. Ask about a way of communication with it and fee. After you decided on maternity hospital, do not forget to learn when it is closed on a sink. If these terms coincide with estimated date of childbirth, just in case choose spare option.

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