How to choose pampers

How to choose pampers

The huge variety of pampers on counters of pharmacies and specialized shops makes many young mummies think on a right choice of this convenient, and at times and extremely necessary subject for care for the kid. Naturally, each woman wants to give to the child all the best and safe. The choice of pampers – occupation rather responsible. There are several criteria and recommendations, leaning on which, each mummy will be able to choose the pampers for the tot which are the most suitable to the kid.


1. To choose pampers correctly, it is necessary to know the weight of the kid, first of all. On each packing of disposable diapers the weight of the kid on which any given pampers are calculated is specified. For example, 3-6kg, 4-9kg, 9-18kg, etc. These figures on a pack of pampers are usually written rather in large print. What indicator of weight is suitable for the kid, for example, of 5 kg (3-6 kg or 4-9 kg), it is possible to define, having tried, for a start, the smallest packing of pampers with any given weight value.

2. Regarding a sex of the child, many pampers are rather universal. But there are also such models of disposable diapers which are intended specifically for girls or for boys. From each other such pampers differ only in distribution of the substance turning liquid into gel. The special absorbing layer in models of diapers for girls is located in the middle of pampers, and in models for boys – it is brought closer to a tummy of the kid.

3. When choosing pampers it is necessary to pay attention and to their manufacturer. Usually, the trademark is more popular, the cost of pampers is higher. Such regularity is formed from the fact that the well-known firms spend a large number of funds for constant improvement of manufacturing techniques of pampers, for improvement of their quality, and besides, and for advertizing of the products. The known name of manufacturer of pampers already is a guarantee of their quality.

4. When choosing pampers for the kid it is necessary to pay attention and to fasteners velcros which have to be clasped reliably even at hit on them of powder, children's cream or moisture. Especially this criterion for selection of disposable diapers is relevant for parents of active kids.

5. You should not choose pampers which part polyethylene is. Information on existence of this component has to be specified on packing of disposable diapers. The child's skin in the pampers containing polyethylene will sweat.

6. For very active kids, not persons interested to lie quietly when changing pampers, I exist diapers shorts. They perfectly are suitable for children since 4 months. Such pampers as ordinary shorts put on, and after use are easily broken off on each side and are thrown out.

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