How to choose puree and juice for babies

How to choose puree and juice for babies

Baby food of industrial production enjoys wide popularity among mothers who got used to save the time. In order that puree and juice brought to the kid only benefit, it is necessary to choose them correctly.

What purees and juice need to be given to kids

Modern pediatricians advise parents to give to the kids as the first feeding up vegetable and fruit purees and also juice. They need to be entered into a diet after achievement by the child 4-6 monthly age. It is possible to train them independently, but to buy the ready baby food packaged in jars for these purposes much more conveniently.

Puree and juice of industrial production have a number of advantages. Besides that their purchase allows young mothers to save the precious time, ready baby food keeps all vitamins which are contained in those products of which it is made. It becomes possible thanks to use of the latest technologies. Puree of industrial production has ideal consistence thanks to what suits even to kids who cannot chew food yet.

As the first feeding up it is desirable to offer the kid vegetable puree. Preference should be given to the crushed squash, potatoes, broccoli, a cauliflower. By production of food they surely undergo heat treatment. It is very important to choose single-component products. If at the kid the allergy begins, at once it will be clear what vegetable caused similar reaction. Subsequently it is possible to diversify with the menu of the child of puree made of mix of vegetables and also fruit food. Juice can cause allergies in the baby. As the first feeding up it is recommended to give to the kid apple, pear juice. It is better not to offer berry drinks to children about one year. Finally to decide on the choice, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations of producers concerning age of kids for whom any given product is intended. If puree or juice are bought for absolutely small child, it is necessary to choose the products packaged in jars of the minimum volume. Open can food cannot be stored more than a day even if to place it in the fridge.

How to choose quality baby food

To choose really quality baby puree or juice, it is necessary to pay attention to the name of the producer and to buy similar products only in pharmacies or specialized shops. When choosing the producer it should be taken into account its reputation and responses of consumers. It is also possible to consult to the local pediatrician who well understands what food suits children and what often causes allergies. Before purchase it is worth studying structure of a product attentively. It is desirable that at it there were only crushed vegetables, fruit or meat components. In baby food there should not be preservatives, dyes and other foreign substances. When choosing juice or puree it is necessary to pay surely attention to their date of development and an expiration date. From products which expiration date comes to an end or already expired, it is worth refusing.

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