How to choose sunglasses for the child

How to choose sunglasses for the child

Soon the summer, so is more than heat and sunlight. To make walks in the clear afternoon more comfortable and it is reliable to protect eyes of the child children's sunglasses will help. They especially will be useful during walk on the scooter or the bicycle because will be able to save eyes from the reflected sunshine, so, to increase safety of your child.

When choosing children's sunglasses it is necessary to consider several important points.

1.      Points have to not only protect reliably eyes of your child, but also it is good to close skin around eyes.

2.      Pay attention whether there is on points a special badge of protection against solar UV beams. Ultraviolet of type A is designated by the UVA badge, and the UVB badge – ultraviolet of type B. The higher on points UVB indicator – the is more degree of protection.

3.      Length of a UV wave of these beams has the range of 290-380 nanometers. Length of 400 nanometers is considered the safest therefore for children points with inscription UV-400 are recommended.

4.      It is known that different surfaces have the different level of intensity of reflection. Therefore on qualitative points there is a special marking with the indication of level of protection. Therefore, before purchase think where the child will use them. For example, city, sport, sea, etc.

— "0" – a light transmission from 80 to 100%. These are points with the lowest degree of protection against UV beams.

— "1", "2" – a light transmission, 43–80% and 18–43%. Such points with partial protection against ultraviolet will be suitable for usual city conditions.

— "3" – a light transmission of 8-18%. Points with such marking are recommended for rest on the beach.

— "4" – a light transmission of 3-8%. The highest level of protection. Such points can be used for highlands and tropical countries.

5.      For children's points special polarizing lenses are most often recommended. They do not miss reflection of light from brilliant surfaces, such as glass, water smooth surface, cars, do not pass the sparkling patches of light. Points with polarizing glasses block up to 99% of the reflected light while sunglasses with usual lenses just darken these patches of light.

Choosing children's sunglasses it is important to remember that ultraviolet is more dangerous if the child carries a low-quality product. This results from the fact that in conditions when intensity of sunlight high, and the kid does not wear glasses, his eyes naturally react to the excess brightness of the sun and the size of a pupil decreases. The more intensively light, the is less pupil, and this natural reaction of an organism reduces undesirable influence of ultraviolet. In conditions when the darkened lens is applied, the lighting seems to less bright. Therefore, pupils extend, allowing bigger amount of light to reach eyes. When the lens not qualitative, it is not able to provide the necessary protection against UV beams.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team