How to choose teenage footwear

How to choose teenage footwear

It is not always easy to choose footwear for the teenager: even if you will be able to decide on a style, the size and the recommendations of orthopedists, there will be still an opinion of the child. That disagreements between generations were not, it is necessary to begin the choice of footwear with coordination of this question with the teenager.


1. Consult to the child about what footwear he would like to have. You should not buy several couples for one purpose – as the teenager's leg quickly grows, he very quickly grows up from any footwear, it will not manage to wear out.

2. For sports activities get to the teenager of a sneaker or gym shoes, or moccasins for the girl. At the same time sports shoes have to be surely supplied with the shock-absorbing pillows reducing load of a backbone at run and jumps.

3. School footwear has to be convenient and breathing – the child spends in it several hours a day. It is desirable that it was easy and it is made of natural materials. It is good if there is an opportunity to change walks footwear for replaceable.

4. On any footwear, both for girls, and for boys, there has to be a small heel. Optimum height – from 1 to 3 cm. Only in footwear with a heel to the growing organism flat-footedness is not terrible.

5. To teenage girls buy also fashionable footwear on rather high heel, but do not allow to go in it the whole day. It can be festive or output shoes, boots, boots, sandals. Constant wearing such footwear is harmful to blood circulation of a small pelvis, but to learn will wear heels for the little fashionista not so superfluous.

6. Choosing winter footwear for the teenager, pay attention to a sole. It has to be supplied with deep protectors to provide good coupling with the ice-covered road. Materials are preferable natural – fur or leather, down filler.

7. An internal part of footwear surely has to be natural, nice on the touch. Even if you buy rubber boots, take care of a soft insole or a cotton tab.

8. Selecting the footwear size, do not try to buy it "for growth". It is almost impossible to buy footwear which will be comfortable two seasons in a row (especially, summer or winter). Therefore reconcile to a thought that winter boots or summer sandals will be used only one season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team