How to choose the children's scooter

How to choose the children's scooter

The children's scooter is not only the vehicle for the child, but also the excellent exercise machine for the growing organism. In the course of driving almost all groups of muscles are involved. Independently the child is capable to ride the scooter, since two-year age. So what scooter to choose and not to make the wrong choice?

Scooters happen several types:

  • two-wheeled;
  • three-wheeled;
  • four-wheel;

Two-wheeled scooters - are less steady and less reliable, for kids of younger age. For its driving the maneuverability which the child of younger age just does not have is necessary. Recommend two-wheeled scooters from four-year age.

Three-wheeled scooters - are steadier, and it what is necessary for the child who the first time got up on it. To it it is extremely important, to hold balance. Only minus of such scooters, they more bulky and heavier, than two-wheeled.

Four-wheel scooters - the steadiest, but meet in the market of sales very seldom.

When choosing the scooter it is worth being guided not only by stability, but also by age of the kid, material of wheels, frame material, transport weight, a wheel, loading, additional options.

Material of wheels 

It is better to take rubberized, or from polyurethane. Plastic wheels very quickly fail, and often jingle on the road that brings discomfort to the child, both a sound, and process of driving. 

Frame material 

Unambiguously aluminum, with such frame will much longer serve the scooter to your kid. There are also plastic frames, but such scooters not long serve, but at the same time they very much lungs cost the fellows much less. 

Transport weight

This characteristic should be considered if you live in an apartment house for example, and you have no elevator. On average the scooter weighs up to 2 - 3 kg.


It can be regulated on growth of the child and to be recorded in such situation in which it is convenient to you that allows to grow to your kid together with the scooter such option perfectly approaches if you plan to buy the scooter to the child not for one year. If the wheel is not regulated, then your kid will be able to ride such scooter only to certain age. On a wheel there have to be rubberized slips in order that hands of your kid did not slide. Also great option will be if the scooter can be put that allows to take it. As to the park, and a countryside.


A lot of things depend on load of the scooter, for example, its durability. On average in the market of sales sell the scooter with loading to 50 - 60 kg. Such option is suitable, for those parents who plan to buy transport not for one year.

Additional options

On various models their huge set. It both illumination of wheels, and a horn on it, the seat mat, for convenience of parents in many models is available, a trunk. On such additional options you should not be conducted as many producers mask additional options, under poor quality of the scooter, and often such scooter is much more expensive, and its quality very much limps.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team