How to choose the correct bed for the child

How to choose the correct bed for the child

The newborn child spends the most part of time in Morpheus's embraces therefore it is so important to choose a qualitative bed for the kid. Superstitious parents postpone this question for the period after the birth of the baby, however it is possible to look after given for the baby even before emergence of the child on light. The correct crib has to create optimal conditions for good rest.

The wide range of cribs quite often nonpluses fathers and mothers. Furniture has to be not only safe, beautiful and strong, it is necessary to consider as the bed will fit into an interior of the children's room. Therefore upon purchase of a bed for the child it is necessary to be guided by a number of criteria.

Types of cribs

Today parents can give preference to several options of beds for children – to cradles, classical models, transformers. From them classical beds are most widespread. They can have various functionality – with the built-in box, the pendulum, on wheels, runners, legs. It is possible to meet also beds with a possibility of adjustment of height of the bottom therefore furniture of this kind is designed for kids since the birth and up to three-four years.

Beds cradles are less functional, they are suitable only for babies about one year. The bed of this type is equipped with handles therefore cradles can be used as carryings. Optimum, if the soft cradle has a removable covering for simplification of care for a cover. Transformers are distinguished by the greatest functionality. These models of beds can turn into sofas if to remove boards, a separate dresser, a shelf or a table. There are beds with the built-in changing table, and some types of transformers can "grow" together with the child.

Requirements to children's beds

It is important to choose a bed from eco-friendly material. Natural wood was and remains the best option for production of children's furniture. It is the harmless, "breathing" and safe material, besides, it is easy to look after wooden surfaces. Upon purchase of a bed it is necessary to study certificates on products. The product has to be well ground and polished, covered with non-toxic paints or varnish. It is desirable that the bed had several options of adjustment of a bed on height. It is convenient when also boards at furniture fall. Quite often walls of beds are equipped with silicone and plastic slips which children can gnaw when at them teeth begin to be cut. The mandatory requirement – stability of a bed, even with the pendulum is provided in models a possibility of blocking of the mechanism to provide stability of provision of furniture. The bottom of a bed has to be rack that guarantees good ventilation for a mattress. Pay attention to distance between rods of sides – it has to make not less than 6 cm that the child did not get stuck between them. The bed should have no acute angles or any ledges.

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