How to choose the first transport for the kid

How to choose the first transport for the kid

When the child is three years old, he becomes ready to mastering some children's transport. Parents are faced by the difficult choice, along with scooters and bicycles there were runbikes which can also interest the kid. To make a right choice, it is necessary to find out features of each type of transport.


1. The main advantage of the three- or four-wheel bicycle is that the child feels on it surely and comfortably. Big wheels will well amortize any hummocks and roughnesses, and additional wheels give stability. By such bicycles it is possible to gather decent speed, and children much fall from them less than from runbikes. Over time, when the child will well master the four-wheel bicycle, will learn to turn and brake, it is possible to remove additional wheels and to begin to learn to hold balance. At the same time parents should not be spent for purchase of new two-wheeled transport. The bicycle for the child is bought not earlier than three years, at this age children are physically ready to independently to twist pedals.

2. The runbike is calculated for children up to four years, it will be useful if there is a wish to develop coordination of movements quicker. In a sense the runbike is an exercise machine which helps to pass a stage of three- and four-wheel bicycles. The child sits down on sitting and, crossing both legs serially, quickly goes on the asphalted paths. At any time he can lean legs against the earth and avoid falling. After runbikes children easily change to two-wheeled bicycles and do not fall as already learned to hold balance well. The smallest four-wheel runbike for the child can be used since one year, and two-wheeled – since two years.

3. It is better to begin to master the scooter for the child from 2.5 years. Models reckon with three and four wheels as the steadiest. The scooter will teach the child to maneuver and hold balance well. Here only, unlike the runbike and the bicycle, small wheels of the scooter differ in bad depreciation therefore for walks it is necessary to choose platforms with the most equal covering. Otherwise all vibration of the bad road will be transferred to a backbone and knee joints of the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team