How to choose the mobile

How to choose the mobile

The mobile for a bed is one of the very first toys in which you will be able to interest the baby. Correctly chosen rotating karuselka will become you the irreplaceable assistant: it will calm the kid, to lull him and to entertain as soon as he wakes up. However in order that the new toy brought to the child benefit, it is necessary to treat the choice of the mobile with all responsibility.


1. Many mothers get charming toys till the birth of the kid or in the first weeks of his life. You do not hurry and postpone purchase of the mobile until until the baby is 2 months old. At this age the kids not only are able to fix the look, but also to watch a moving subject.

2. Choosing the mobile, first of all, pay attention to its appearance. Considering that in the first months of life the kids are not capable to perceive small objects, look for bright colors, large patterns and interesting toys. The mobile for the child is means of acquaintance to the world around therefore, the more attractively and realistichny there will be on it toys, the it will become more interesting to the baby to watch them. Great advantage – existence in the mobile of black and white objects as newborns can distinguish these colors.

3. Surely listen in shop of a melody if you want to buy the musical mobile. As a rule, producers of toys offer one of three options: classics, children's songs or sounds of the nature. Estimate quality of melodies and decide as far as they are pleasant personally to you, not only the baby, but also his mom should listen to them. It is good if the toy possesses function of adjustment of a sound – so you should not "enjoy" evenings loud cheerful songs.

4. Pay attention to how the mobile is got: from the battery or mechanically, by means of a key. Certainly, the first option is more convenient, though is slightly more expensive. It is much easier to replace the battery, than to repair the mechanism of the plant if it breaks. Besides, many batareechny mobiles are equipped with the remote controller, and you will be able to include them, even being in the neighboring room.

5. Check fastening: it should not have sharp ledges and cave in under weight of a toy. It is convenient to use the universal fastening which is regulated on width and height - in this case it can be fixed on a children's table or a side of an arena.

6. Have the mobile so that the kid could not reach it. Toys on a karuselka should not be located closer than 50 cm from a face of the baby, otherwise at the child the squint can develop. As soon as the child begins to sit in a bed, for safety remove the mobile. If the kid does not want to leave the pleasant toy, the mobile can be fixed on a ceiling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team