How to choose the tutor to the child

How to choose the tutor to the child

Classes reckon as one of the best ways of increase in knowledge in a certain area with tutors. Most often such teachers are employed for children of school age, by preparation for receipt in a higher educational institution and also for studying additional disciplines or foreign languages.

Main receptions of the good tutor

Tactics of the tutor can be understood after several minutes of communication with you or your child. The experienced expert to find out your requirements at once, will voice estimated results of classes and will try to determine the level of knowledge of the ward by several thematic questions.

It is better to look for the tutor in educational institution, but not by means of newspapers with announcements. Ideal option is the address to the teacher of which work any of your acquaintances positively speaks.

Besides, if your child is already engaged with the tutor, pay attention to the principle of creation of classes. The main feature of such educational services – the teacher does not give a lecture, and communicates with the pupil who can ask the question interesting him at any time. If the tutor does not give such chance to the child, then the probability of providing insufficient amount of the studied material is very high.

What to pay attention to

The first what you have to pay attention when choosing the tutor to is its experience. Never use services of "universal" experts. The teacher cannot have at the same time in perfection knowledge in different disciplines. If it also happens, then is extremely rare. If your child needs additional knowledge of mathematics, then the expert in mathematical disciplines has to become the repeater. Teachers who lived some time abroad are suitable for a learning of foreign languages optimum.

For obtaining additional knowledge in the field of the exact sciences or humanitarian disciplines it is not recommended to employ tutors students.

At a stage of the choice of the tutor for the child take an interest at the teacher in his methods of training at once. The good expert always uses a set of additional materials – foreign textbooks, audio and videos, methodical materials, and sometimes and fiction. Pay special attention to a way of creation of classes. Parents, as a rule, pay each hour of work of the expert. If the tutor spends extra time on a conversation with the child, learning at the same time what knowledge he acquired or what questions are not clear to it, then it testifies to professionalism of the teacher. If similar conversations or insignificant talks are carried out in the course of the classes, then your expenses will not be justified. The tutor just tries to profit at your expense, but not to give to the child of knowledge.

What tutors happen

There are three main categories of tutors – teachers of higher educational institutions, students and school teachers. It is necessary to choose an optimal variant which corresponds to age of the child. For the training period at school usually invite tutors students or teachers from school. For preparation for final and entrance examinations it is better to employ teachers from the universities, candidates of science or professors.

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