How to choose to the child a happy name

How to choose to the child a happy name

Any future mom tremblingly thinks out a name for the kid. The main thing is to make this choice true, the name will accompany the child all his life. In an extreme antiquity the people attached huge significance to a name. Considered that it has magic force and therefore gave to the newborn several names at once.

Sounding of a name

When choosing a name for the child it is necessary to consider how will be combined a name, a surname and a middle name of the kid. You should not select a rare name as they will discord with each other to quite widespread surname and to cause sneers from people around. For example, David Sidorov, Aksinya Ivanova – sounds silly. Also you should not combine a rare middle name and a Slavic name – Matvei Eduardovich, Ilya Lvovich. To the child it will be much simpler in the future if his surname, the name and a middle name are harmonious.

Originality of the choice

Many parents want to choose a rare, unique name for the child. But you should not be fond, it will be absolutely hard for the kid in society if the name too rare or represents a foreign form. The child should repeat several times him at acquaintance to people. And in the worst case it will be waited by mean jokes from peers. For example, names Mylan, Kalida, Aksinya, Svyatogor, Beloslav and many others are pleasant aurally, but are alien to modern society and they are remembered not from the first.

The reduced name form

When choosing a name it is worth thinking how it is possible to call the child in everyday life. Sometimes it happens so that the full name sounds very beautifully, pleasantly aurally, but its reduction is not too successful, for example, Matvei – Motya, Aksinya – This, Eseniya – Esya, Senya. It is impossible to forget also about how age-mates of the kid will apprehend the reduced name.

Diminutive-hypocoristic forms of a name

It is necessary to think of by what diminutive-hypocoristic forms it is possible to call the child also. It is difficult to choose such form for a rare name, and here for extended - at all not a problem. Our ancestors already took care of a variety of derivative names, for example, for a name Natalya exists more than 20 caressing forms.

You should not do so

It is impossible to call the child by the name of the close relative, the destiny can repeat. Especially it is not necessary to do so if the relative had difficult character and was unhappy. Twins by the names in consonance, for example, Sasha - Pasha, Ania – Tanya, Mischa – Grisha are undesirable to call. As kids are also so closely connected with each other, and with similar names it will be much more difficult to them to be allocated as persons.

The kid will help

Sometimes happens so that parents think out a name to the child still when it in a stomach at mom. And at the child's birth, watching his habits, appearance, understand that the name is chosen incorrectly. Therefore you should not call the kid so early. It is necessary to wait several days after the birth of the baby, watching his behavior, character, and the intuition will prompt a right choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team