How to choose to the child the nurse

How to choose to the child the nurse

Choosing child nurse, you should not rely only on an intuition. The best adviser in this case - common sense.

Making the decision on such important issue as selection of house personnel to which you are going to entrust the child, it is necessary to try to avoid widespread mistakes.

1. The inattentive relation to the recommendations of the nurse can serve to you bad service. Making the decision on the child, everything needs to try to be thought over properly. To size up the nurse, it is not necessary to be guided only by an intuition – study recommendations, you are not lazy to call people who provided them, take an interest in age of children whom the nurse looked after, learn how they estimate her work. Remember that it is possible to write any good words to recommendations.

2. Search of the nurse at the last moment - it is not really convenient. You do not transfer business "for later". To find the nurse who will be able to correspond completely to your inquiries and also will not bring a special loss to the family budget, at a stock of time it is possible even to arrange competitive selection. Study recommendations, ask acquaintances. Ideally the new nurse has to start the responsibilities as days for ten till that day as you are going to come to work – you will be able to observe how she treats the child whether they suit one another.

3. Inability to choose the nurse. Whether you had to notice how you sometimes spend a lot of time for selection for yourself new clothes? Surprisingly, but sometimes parents carry out the procedure of selection of the good nurse many times quicker. Find for it sufficient time, in view of age of your child, as it will concern the new person in the house, find out both education of the nurse, and experience, and as well she owns a modern technique of development of children.

4. Realize the duties from the point of view of the employer. Selecting the nurse, realize that you should act in this role. Do not hesitate to study the biography of the nurse and experience, habits, character and the state of health. Take an interest whether the nurse has children, sort out their age and sex, what relations between them. Specify questions of payment, in accuracy define duties, the schedule of work, find out in advance whether the nurse agrees to remain with the child longer, than agreed if it is required suddenly.

5. Surely try to consider long-term needs of family. After you decide on the sum which can be without serious consequences allocated from your budget for payment of nyaniny services, determine also the term for which it is necessary for you, take an interest in plans of the nurse for the future – whether she plans to work for you such time. Also think over in advance and such option that the nurse will abandon you suddenly – which of family members in this case will be able to be released (for example, to take a short-term vacation) for a while which will be demanded by search of the new nurse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team