How to choose to the child the railroad

How to choose to the child the railroad

The railroad - a universal toy which suits both to boys, and girls. When choosing the toy railroad it is very important to consider both age, and temperament of the kid that it was interesting as long as possible and it was not broken in the first day.


1. For kids from a year to three years choose the simplest models, without difficult mechanisms. You should not buy the train making loud sounds or with bright illumination – it can frighten the child. Of course, the engine has to be bright, colourful, maybe, even with an amusing face. You should not buy the train on batteries – to the kid interesting to roll it.

2. Let details will be large and strong, all mobile parts – the simplest. Try to estimate whether the kid will be able to cope with a toy independently. One of the best options for this age – the inertial engine or the train which will easily slide even from a small push.

3. To children the railroad model with different switches, switching, sounds, the light alarm system will be more senior than three years more interesting. Thanks to switches and different mechanisms at the child thinking and logic will develop. It is better for children of this age to buy the train on batteries or accumulators.

4. Your kid will estimate if different stations, at home, trees, movable bridges are included in the package. The more will be opportunities to change game parameters, the longer the railroad will be interesting to your child.

5. Try to find model with the training elements – with cars of different color, with the numbered cars. If in cars it is possible to put other toys (animals, dolls), the child will study difficult role-playing games. Such toy will be not only pleasant, but also useful.

6. For children of more advanced age choose the most realistic railroad what you will be able to find. The toy will be interesting only in case it most precisely reproduces light, a sound, gives steam. It is good if the train is on radio control. An opportunity to change a land relief, a railroad cloth form, position of stations and bridges is of great importance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team