How to choose to the child the sledge

How to choose to the child the sledge

Driving on the sledge is one of the most popular winter entertainments. And that this occupation brought only positive emotions and was completely safe, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of the sledge. The benefit, now in shops exists the wide range of products for children.

It is required to you

  • - sledge;
  • - warm laying;
  • - child.


1. Pay attention to a design of the sledge. This product should be chosen proceeding from age of the little passenger and features of the route for driving. The sledge with the handle pusher as they will be rolled by parents best of all will be suitable for kids. Thanks to convenient location of the handle, during walk they will be able to see child before themselves.

2. Choose material of which the sledge will be made. The most habitual models is the wooden or aluminum sledge. It is possible to ride them not only sitting, but also lying. Perfectly, if this copy has a removable back. The plastic sledge can not be equipped with runners and a back. They differ in the cheapest cost. Excellent model for driving from hills is the inflatable sledge. Their advantages: compactness and practicality. Minus: fragility. The most popular design of the sledge among children are snow-scooters. They have convenient sitting, a wheel and a foot brake. The most durable consider wooden and metal sled. Inflatable and plastic copies which quickly come to unfitness are not adapted for driving on our hills.

3. Check safety of the chosen model of the sledge. They have to be steady and not turn over independently. The sledge is lower, and the further from each other there are runners, the better. Pay attention to existence of a back and armrests. Perfectly, if they are removable. Examine runners. They have to be integral and wide that the child could ride the sledge safely. Tubular runners perfectly slide not only on ice, but also on the road. Their flat analogs – on snowdrifts. Some models are equipped with seat belts to which it is necessary to pay attention too.

4. Estimate comfort and convenience of the pleasant sledge. They have to have low landing that the kid could sit down in them independently. Existence of a footboard which will allow the child to put legs is welcomed. The sledge has to be capacious. Pay attention to fastening of the handle if you chose model for the kid. Vertical grooves will protect it from accidental loss. It is desirable that length of the handle was adjustable. If the sledge is equipped with a rope tow, then it has to be strong and have convenient length.

5. Measure the weight of the chosen sledge. It is an important factor judging by which it is necessary to buy a product. The sledge, the less efforts will be lighter the child will use during a model raising on the hill. The plastic sledge is the easiest. Metal models also have small weight, but to the kid on them will cold sit. Therefore it is necessary to take care of a warm laying on the sledge. Remarkably if the product is already equipped with a soft seat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team