How to clean to the child a nose

How to clean to the child a nose

The stuffy nose complicates breath, the kid is capricious, can refuse food. If the child is not able to blow nose yet, then he should clean a nose, restoring nasal breath and getting rid of the accumulated slime. The child can clean a nose in several stages.

It is required to you

  • - essential oil (firs, menthol, sage)
  • - salt solution
  • - syringe


1. Steam a nose. If the kid has no temperature, then will help to facilitate breath and to remove congestion of a nose inhalation of wet vapor. Include hot water in the bathroom, close doors and sit with the kid some time there. Then it is possible to expiate the child in a heat bath with addition of several drops of essential oil (firs, menthol, a sage).

2. Dig salt solution in a nose. To soften mucous and to razzhizhit slime, it is necessary to dig on several drops of physiological solution or independently prepared salt solution in each nostril. Salt solution is prepared from calculation - a salt teaspoon on a glass of the warmed-up water. Dig in a nose correctly – slightly throw back the head of the kid, holding it with one hand, and the second hand process each nostril.

3. Remove allocations from a nasal cavity. The child can clean a nose by means of the syringe or a special suction. Insert a tip of the syringe or an aspirator at an entrance to a nostril and suck away contents. It is not necessary to insert the tool too deeply, you can damage integrity of a mucous membrane of a nose. If the kid is able to blow nose, then ask it to make it several times, but without straining.

4. Wipe a nose. Soft fabric or a tissue wipe area around a nose, deleting residues of solution and lumps of slime.

5. Oil an entrance to nostrils or fat cream. Skin around a nose during cold can be injured, on it reddenings and irritations are formed. Periodically grease area of a nose with fat creams or vaseline oil.

6. Do not allow drying of a mucous membrane of a nose. Dig in salt solution in a nose as often as possible – so you will not allow slime to dry, and process of disposal of cold will happen quicker. Support the high level of humidity in the room.

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