How to collect a bag in maternity hospital

How to collect a bag in maternity hospital

Childbirth can begin earlier and more promptly, than you count. Therefore it is better to collect a bag in maternity hospital in advance, having put in it all necessary for you and the kid.


1. To collect a bag in maternity hospital, make the list of the necessary things. If you precisely decided in what maternity hospital you will give birth, learn about its requirements to baggage of mothers. In some of them it is not allowed to carry by material and leather bags therefore you should put the things in a plastic bag. Besides regarding maternity hospitals use of the nursery and a women's clothing from the house is allowed, and in others - no. Also in each maternity hospital there is a list of things for the child on an extract depending on a season. Pack these objects separately.

2. Prepare necessary documents: prenatal record, birth certificate, passport, policy, copy of the sick note. If you are going to give birth with the partner, he has to have a passport, results of analyses and fluorography. In some institutions the presentation of the certificate on passing by the partner of courses for pregnant women is required.

3. Put personal hygiene means to collect a bag in maternity hospital. Think what is required to you every day for a shower, pick up cosmetics, manicure accessories, a hairbrush. Hair dryers in some maternity hospitals are forbidden therefore if you got used to keep within them, think up a temporary alternative. Take nipple cream. It especially is useful to you at first when you only begin to feed the kid. Then nipples will be very sensitive, and the irritation can begin.

4. In maternity hospital you unambiguously will need disposable shorts and laying. It is better to stock up with several types more thickly or less, and upon you define what suits you better. When collecting a bag in maternity hospital take just in case several disposable diapers for adults, paper kerchiefs, sanitizing wipes, usual and damp toilet paper. Useful can be candles with glycerin, in the first days after the delivery you, perhaps, locks will torment.

5. In patrimonial office you can carry by 1 liter of clean still water, phone and charging to it. Surely put these objects in a bag in maternity hospital. If you have a predisposition to a varicosity, buy compression stockings. Only buy not usual models, but special option for operations - white color, with softer top elastic band and partially open foot. Such stockings go all of one compression, you need only to choose the size.

6. For the child it is necessary to take a dummy. It is better to put 2-3 different options as it is unknown what of them will please the newborn more. Take in a bag in maternity hospital diapers with calculation of 5-6 pieces for every day of stay in maternity hospital. Usually an extract occurs for the 4th day, but there are small delays on medical indications from the pediatrician or the gynecologist. Also you need gel or liquid soap for the child's podmyvaniye, cream from an intertrigo.

7. From clothes the cap, mittens and socks can be necessary for the kid. Diapers usually give out in postnatal office, but you can take some things if it is not forbidden by rules of establishment. To collect a bag in maternity hospital where the textiles are resolved, for yourself you need to take a towel, 2 nightgowns and pair of dressing gowns. Everything has to be from cotton. Do not forget about hospital footwear - the washing slippers.

8. In maternity hospital it is not allowed to carry by books, magazines, tablets. The only thing that you can take - earphones to phone. At will put in a bag in maternity hospital a postnatal bandage though a part of gynecologists recommend the first days to go without it that stomach muscles began to work. Perhaps, you need a milk pump. Some mothers like manual, mechanical models, others prefer electronic. The dignity of the first is the low price and an opportunity to regulate intensity of work, and it is possible to refer ease of use to pluses of the second.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team