How to collect a canopy on a bed

How to collect a canopy on a bed

The canopy over a bed gives to a berth a refined look and at the same time does it cozy and protected. It for certain will be pleasant to your children who will feel under a canopy as in fantastic east palace. It can build it over a bed to parents.


1. Choose fabric for a canopy. Light natural materials of a quiet coloring best of all will be suitable for the children's bedroom. Width of fabric has to be about 1.2-1.5 meters. To determine cut length, measure bed perimeter. Fabric length for a canopy has to be one and a half-two times more.

2. Sprain bottom edge of fabric on one and a half centimeters and stitch. Supply the upper edge with eyelets. For this purpose buy ready rings (at the rate of 1 ring on 15 cm of fabric). Sprain the upper edge of a canopy so that width of a strip exceeded diameter of an eyelet on 2 cm. Between layers of a wrapped up strip put a lyuversny tape and fix it by the iron. Mark a pencil or a felt-tip pen identical pieces on 15 cm: at this distance there will be from each other rings. Cut out from fabric circles under eyelets (the opening has to be couple millimeters wider, than an eyelet) and insert fastenings, pressing them before click which designates that halves of an eyelet are fixed.

3. It is also possible to use also other method of fastening – to make a drawstring which width will exceed slightly bar width in the basis of all design in the top part of a canopy.

4. Make a framework of a canopy of the metal bar bent in a circle of suitable diameter. It is also possible to use the p-shaped framework from metal or a tree attached to a wall at a bed headboard. Attach a design for a canopy by means of metal furniture fixtures to a ceiling or a wall.

5. If you preferred the framework fixed on a wall and equal on bed perimeter to you fabric one and a half meter wide which will reach mattress level will approach. In case of the choice of a suspended ceiling canopy in the form of a circle take care of that there was enough length of the falling drapery to stretch it to corners of a bed and to fix, having tied tapes to legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team