How to collect a first-aid kit at the sea for the child

How to collect a first-aid kit at the sea for the child

With the kid it is necessary to take drugs in a trip to the sea. A first-aid kit – an obligatory component of a suitcase of young parents. Though in each case medicines will be different, there are some principles on which it is possible to rely.

Processing of wounds

Hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads, Q-tips will be necessary for disinfection of scratches and wounds. It is better to take brilliant green and iodine in packing by a marker, the glass bottle easily fights. It is obligatory to put the sterile bandage healing napkins, a bactericidal adhesive plaster and styptic sponges, and for fixing of bandages – a simple adhesive plaster. Before treating the wounds, it is better to wipe own hands with antibacterial napkins. It is better to take them in a large number, in the train or the plane it is often necessary to wipe hands.


The first-aid kit in a trip to the sea with the child needs to be completed different febrifugal. For kids the use of paracetamol and an ibuprofen is authorized. To facilitate suitcase weight, it is possible to take syrup on the basis of one of them, and a candle from another.

Medicines at poisoning

Diarrhea and rotavirus – frequent companions of kids on trips. Without fail in a first-aid kit for the child it is necessary to buy sorbents which involve toxin in intestines and help to fix a chair: Smekta and Enterosgel. And at a rotavirus will help Enterofuril. For prevention of violations of intestinal microflora of the kid it is good to give "Linex" or medicines similar to it.

Cream and burns medicine

The active sun quickly injures children's gentle skin. Protective cream with a big factor of protection has to be always near at hand on a trip to the sea with the child. For moistening of skin after stay in the sun it is necessary to take children's kremil of Bepanten, and treatment of burns requires "Panthenol". On a heat at the kid skin easily rots therefore zinc ointment or other cream habitual to the baby under podguznikobyazatelen in a suitcase.

Medicines for treatment of cold

Acclimatization in a large number of cases is followed by cold. Therefore means will be necessary for washing of a nose (Aqualor or Aquamaris) and vasoconstrictive ("children's Nazivin"). If the kid is inclined to throat diseases, then it is necessary to take cough syrups which help it. At the sea, water together with garbage and small stones often gets into the child's eyes. In case of inflammation it is worth stocking up with eye drops.


Change of food and food with the sea can provoke an allergy. In a first-aid kit there have to be not only drops, but also ointment in case of stings of insects. For example, under the Fenistil brand is on sale both.


The small syringe is necessary in order that via it without needle to pour in drugs to the kid in a mouth (for example, Smekta). If the baby has on the way teeth, then it is desirable to take Kalgel or other ointment for pain relief in gums. Also it is worth putting the electronic thermometer and children's scissors in a first-aid kit.

If the kid has some chronic disease, then all medicine which he takes needs to be put in a first-aid kit. In this case it is desirable to calculate such quantity of tablets and capsules that they were enough for all course of reception. Otherwise it is necessary to look for the necessary medicine in the middle of rest.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team