How to collect Lego

How to collect Lego

Lego is the extraordinary developing game attracting children with beautiful and bright design. And options of assembly of the same set the uncountable quantity, and therefore a game will never bother the child.

It is required to you

  • Lego, Internet, instruction


1. If you only bought set, open a box - inside there has to be an instruction offering several options of step-by-step assembly. Follow instructions, perhaps, the child needs the help - some sets rather difficult.

2. Look on the Internet - there is a mass of the scanned and drawn instructions. By search you proceed from those details which you have. So, for the house windows and doors, and for the helicopter - the blade are required.

3. Try to give vent to imagination of the child, in that case the basic rule of assembly - his imagination. Buy in addition a box of ""Freestyle"" - the designer with a set of the details supplementing any sets.

4. If you got ""Lego the Technician"", then help the child to learn functionality of the main details but only then on the basis of this knowledge he will be able to improvise. In such type of the designer there are motors and other difficult details which work directly depends on correctness of assembly therefore show consideration for the instruction and watch to losing it.

5. If you want to find the lost scheme to a certain designer, and it is nowhere - use the specialized websites, for example, of There at a forum you leave the application for the scheme, having specified article number of your set, perhaps, someone will respond and will publish for you the necessary drawings.

6. Other possible option: use any searcher and enter into the ""detailed instruction for assembly..."" window where instead of dots specify the exact name of set which you want to collect.

7. Take into account that details of different lines of the designer do not approach to each other if you bought the child of Lego ""Hollow"", then acquire the following set of the same series. At cubes from different series different diameters.

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