How to come into contact with the child

How to come into contact with the child

Sometimes, that parents, having despaired to come into contact with own child, are forced to ask for the help experts. However there are quite universal councils helping to try to solve this problem independently.


1. First of all it is necessary to establish, than problems of this sort or after what event the contact with the child was lost could be caused. Having defined prerequisites of current situation, parents can try to grope independently solutions. For example, if the child feels offense because of outstanding mother or the father of a promise, first of all it is necessary to talk to the kid. The conversation especially is necessary if it is about the teenager. You should not be afraid to apologize to the child - first, parents will be able to show, as are upset because of the incident and want to improve a situation. Secondly, according to psychologists, personal experience, that is the child is most indicative and itself in the future will be able to ask forgiveness, testing fault and seeking to improve the relations with relatives.

2. The contact with the child can be broken because of a set of factors - the children's offenses, too serious punishments and just intra family relations which are not disposing to frankness and trust. Teachers warn - as a result of sneers and excessive criticism it is possible not only to lose touch with the children, but also to test further the real parental fiasco when the child who finally got out of hand ceases to listen to opinion of adult family members. Therefore it is important to pay attention to manifestations by the child of mistrust to parents in time to try to adjust relationship.

3. An informal conversation and joint search of a situation after which the interrelation of the child and parents appeared under the threat - the first step to a solution. Sometimes and the child cannot define why he is offended or does not trust own mother or the father. Having determined by joint efforts that "stumbling block", it is possible not only to try to adjust relationship, but also to try not to repeat in the future similar mistakes.

4. Unfortunately, many parents prefer "to make amends", buying by children new toys and modern gadgets and also allocating the considerable sums for pocket expenses. Similar solutions, according to a number of children's and teenage psychologists, are capable to lead into the real blind alley - the problems collecting in family will not only hesitate, but also to be aggravated. Children, having felt that parents are inclined to compensate mechanically their experiences, can begin to manipulate at the subconscious level adults, or even intentionally "to take offence", expecting the next gift. Teachers are convinced - it is only impossible to smooth manifestations of mistrust, it is important to eliminate mistrust and to come into contact with the child, without bringing a situation to critical.

5. If it is impossible to come into contact with the child in any way, it is possible to ask for the help experts. Having estimated from the side of the problem in any given family and also having had a talk separately with all her members, psychologists are capable not only to help council how to adjust relationship. Quite often experienced experts can imperceptibly bring both the child, and parents to a solution of the problem of mistrust - so that all participants will be sure that they found a way out.

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