How to conceive the child at a uterus bend

How to conceive the child at a uterus bend

At most of women the uterus is located in the center of a small pelvis. But it happens that the arrangement of a uterus changes. It can be caused by the hereditary factors postponed diseases, increased loads and many other reasons. The bend of uterus per se does not interfere with conception, but there can be situations in which this state aggravates a problem.

It is required to you

  • - to visit the doctor;


1. Some doctors consider that at a uterus bend the missionary pose during the classes sex is not so effective, as in the absence of this feature. For increase in chance of conception try to have sex in a knee and elbow pose, and after that you lie some time on a stomach.

2. If change of a pose does not result in necessary result, it is necessary to look for the reasons which prevent pregnancy approach. Visit the doctor and take an interest whether non-standard position of a uterus can interfere somehow with movement of an ovum on uterine tubes. Such phenomenon meets rather seldom. If you can have such case, then ask the doctor to appoint to you the corresponding treatment. It can be gynecologic massage, physical therapy, remedial gymnastics. After these procedures the doctor can advise use a pessariya.

3. If position of a uterus in itself does not affect fertility, it can turn out that put in the reasons which generated change of position of a body of a uterus.

4. If the bend of a uterus happened because of inflammatory process, ask to appoint to you a rate of anti-inflammatory medicines. Except problems with conception, inflammatory process can lead also to a habitual miscarriage of pregnancy.

5. Also adhesive process in a small basin can be the cause of a bend of a uterus. Consider the possibility of inspection regarding existence of solderings. In case in you they are found, there is such method of treatment as laparoscopy. Its efficiency at treatment of infertility is about 60%.

6. At such pathology of genitals as infantilism of a uterus, the bend can be also created. In this case can prescribe you hormonal treatment.

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