How to construct a slide

How to construct a slide

To construct a snow slide which will be safe for your child, simply. The main thing is to observe the offered councils and recommendations about safety. Thus you will be able to avoid undesirable injuries and cheerfully spend time with children.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - water;
  • - snow.


1. Before construction of the hill be defined with age children for whom it is intended. Its height will depend on it. For example, for absolutely little children you should not build an ice slope higher than 1 meter. So you will secure the child in case of falling against different injuries. Optimum height of an ice slope for children of different age – 2 meters.

2. Define the location of an ice slope. Consider: it should not be near the carriageway. Great location of an ice slope will be the playground. Try to construct it on the free site that other constructions, fences or protections were not near.

3. For construction of the hill you will need a large amount of snow. You build construction under an inclination in 40-45 degrees. For this purpose by means of a shovel cut out snow bricks and lay them in a form of future hill. Begin with the lower layer, accurately spreading the basis. After that stamp it a shovel and level. Now start the following layer, doing it is a little shorter than previous. Thus, upon completion of construction from one edge you will have a descent which needs to be leveled, and from another – a short flight of stairs for rise.

4. On the region of the hill stick sides. Make steps more equal. The basis of an ice slope for children is ready.

5. That the hill was slippery, flood it with water. For this purpose on a part where children will slide, spread fabric (old sheet, a curtain). Pour out enough water on descent. After fabric completely becomes wet, remove it.

6. Check the surface of the hill. If you noticed hillocks or hollows, level them. Flood the hill once again. Repeat the procedure, you will not achieve an acceptable surface yet.

7. For completion of construction of the hill leave it for the night to freeze through. Since morning check its readiness. If the hill in a full order, call children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team