How to contribute to the development of mathematical abilities

How to contribute to the development of mathematical abilities

Mathematics – quite difficult subject, but it contributes to a speech development, memory, imagination, creative abilities, cultivates persistence and patience. Therefore it is so important to develop interest in this discipline at the child. Playing with the child the games developing logic, it is possible to develop considerably mathematical abilities and to prepare the child for school.


1. Develop fine motor skills at the child. The molding from plasticine, a mosaic, a framework inserts, designers – all this contributes to the development of fine motor skills, imagination, abstract thinking and logic. So, prepares the kid for perception of mathematical categories.

2. Be engaged with the child in playful way and with use of bright colourful didactic material. And it is possible to make it also the hands. For example: cut out a color set of geometrical figures - several circles and squares of different color and the size. Spread different compositions (by the size, a form, color). The child has to define and explain the choice what of figures superfluous in each set.

3. It is possible to give also other task, using the same materials: to divide figures into two groups, to explain the choice. Use the smilies loved by children for games. For example, 6 smiling smilies, and one – sad. Let will find the smilie unlike the others.

4. Turn the computer into your assistant a little later. Use the developing video games. For example, "The hidden figures" ( This game will teach the child to distinguish figures, to make simple mathematical operations. Rules of the game are simple: on pictures to find the hidden figures and to distribute them on the corresponding cages. On the same website you will find also other mathematical games developing logical thinking. "The cheerful engine", for example, will teach to consider as on an engine it is necessary to ship a certain quantity of cargo. Such tasks develop attention, learn to consider, to think, compare.

5. Draw a triangle on a leaf and ask the child to finish drawing by means of geometrical figures (circles, small squares, triangles) an animal, for example, a kitty. Such exercise develops imagination including spatial.

6. Use the household moments and time of walks for classes. Compare objects, consider, look for geometrical figures in architecture, signs, the nature, etc. The main thing that a game was form of work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team