How to cook children's food

How to cook children's food

The best food for kids to 5-month age is maternal milk. For lack of it – children's industrial mixes. But since five-six months it is necessary to include additional products in a diet of the kid, to cook for it new dishes, to accustom gradually to adult food. Certainly, children's food has to be not only nutritious, but also tasty, attractive on appearance.


1. Up to one year include the simple, natural, easily acquired food in the child's food. This vegetable, fruit puree, porridge, dairy and fermented milk products. Food during this age period has to contain up to 600 calories in day.

2. After a year simplify own task of cooking to the kid. Include soup, borsch, vegetable stew, new fruit, meat, fish dishes in its menu. That is practically everything that you prepare for yourself, can be crushed, frayed and given to the child slightly.

3. You do not feed the kid with sharp, peppered, excessively salty, spicy dishes. They break its digestion. Norm on the caloric content of baby food of 1 year to 3-ekh in day – 1300-1500 kcal, of 3 years to 6 – up to 2000 kcal a day, and from 6 to 10 years – up to 2400 kcal.

4. Children are very much attracted by color food, dishes in the form of animals, figures, ridiculous mugs. That is if you want the child to eat with pleasure, try to make lunches and dinners from multi-colored products and decorate with imagination of a dish before giving.

5. Use for baby food exclusively milk fat in the first years of life of the kid. Butter, cream, sour cream belong to milk fats. They contain vitamins D and A, extremely important for the growing organism. Put milk fat in a plate at once before giving that the vitamins which are contained in products did not collapse.

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