How to cook meat to the child

How to cook meat to the child

It is recommended to enter into a feeding up to the baby meat not earlier than 7 months. The children who are lagging behind in physical development according to the recommendation of the pediatrician can begin to give meat and at earlier age. Begin to enter a feeding up from small doses – from one teaspoon and up to 70 g by first year of life.


1. Meat is a valuable source of animal protein, salts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, and at the same time it contains few carbohydrates. Meat and the minerals necessary for physical development of the child – iodine, zinc, copper is rich. Meat contains group B vitamins, vitamins of group H and folic acid.

2. For food of children of younger age it is possible to use low-fat beef, veal, a turkey, chicken, rabbit flesh. It is not recommended to give to children mutton, fat pork which are worse acquired by a children's organism.

3. When choosing meat pay attention to its appearance. At fresh quality meat bright red color, elastic consistence, a fresh smell. At a section it is almost dry. When pressing the pole which quickly disappears is formed. Fat white or slightly yellowish. Fresh meat of chicken or a turkey has light pink color and has practically no smell.

4. Crude meat needs to be washed out well in flowing water. If you are not confident in its freshness, then meat can be put in cold water for 30 minutes, and then to wash out. But at such way meat loses proteins and mineral substances.

5. It is better to thaw the frozen meat at the room temperature. As a last resort, use function of defrosting in the microwave oven.

6. Before preparation of meat from it it is necessary to cut off all tendons, to remove bones and surplus of fat. Meat is cut across fibers.

7. To cook to the child, for example, beef, it is better to put meat in a pan a big piece – so it will be more juicy. Fill in meat with the cold filtered water, cover and bring to boiling. Remove the formed skin, reduce fire and you cook until ready.

8. Readiness of meat can be checked, having punctured with its toothpick in the thickest place. If from meat colourless juice is emitted, it means it is ready. Take out meat, cut on pieces and crush to homogeneous mass in the blender. For obtaining more liquid consistence, it is possible to add to meat broth from cooking.

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